Non-CTS Character Art

Character drawings by Alien. Often these are characters in role playing games that we play.


animegirl17you draw wierd eyes but I like the rest
IcarusI think what the eloquent person above me is trying to say is that you tend to make your characters' eyes stretch horizontally, giving them all more Asian looks. If this is deliberate, I see no reason to begrudge someone their chosen style. And otherwise, your grasp of the basic contours of the figure is strong, with a variety of poses--and costumes. :)
AlienThis is quite deliberate, at least on the elves. I hope I pull it off in a realistic fashion.
Thank you for your kind comments, both of you.
KeifHmmm, draw Keif, maybye? :3

[Yus i took the nickname from him.]
[If you never heard of him, well, he has a black cloak and cat ears + a tail...]
[And the hood is hidding the eyes whit darkness. :3]
[Also i dont think he is popular enough so you find him on google..]


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