Darthanen, anime elf character for BESM game.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienYeah, didn't shade the background. Bad, bad alien.
Haven't done that blatant anime in ages.
EdorFausheey, neat, I like this one. And I'm not just saying that cuz that's probly me you'll be messing with there, either... ;)
Neko-YamaMy little bro (age 11) says he likes this one, and so do I ^-^ the "blatant anime" thing seems to work pretty well for me too.
Neko-YamaOh, by the way, that's one heck of a huge wrench! ^u^
krazzywhat is he fixing (or breaking) is it like a tv or a radio or lazer cannon
ForceUserhehe, all aliens male chars look like females. But it IS good ;)
the krudwhat's BESM?
the krudwhat's BESM?
bookbookalien, i hate to say this... you cant do anime.
AlienBook: Trust me, I know.
Krud: BESM stands for big eyes small mouth, if i recall it right.
hailstormsry but i agree with bookbook on this one stick with ur normal drawing style


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