Hanging Around

Unable to continue this one, cause of program incompatibilities. Alas. I actually liked this one.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienCan't imagine the DC on that sort of maneuver.
Neko-YamaIs the guy with the dark hair a halfling?
AlienYes, she is.
PixieJessI am only 11 and I think this picture is cool!!
krazzyman that elf has to be rrreeeeaaally strong! i mean two battle axes a bow several arrows and armor!!! (not to mention the halfling)
SquirtI think it looks finished Alien
TL WyvrenYAY! two grt big battle axes!
AryaWow! Does the elf come from Mickwood, Rivendell, or Lothorien? Anywayy , I think this picture is done!
bookbookwow! this is very unlike anything you've ever done, but it's still good.


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