Brandon MacWallace

My first Mechwarrior character! Human kid of 26, with his very own Marauder

Added 1969-12-31


AlienHe might look wimpy, but he can wreak some serious havoc in that mech.
AJNice! I like the scale you've used, looks real good. The Marauder foot is clear and easy to identify, too. Nice work. :)
krazzyoooooooh spaceship... scotish spaceship?
True-Chaos you switched pictures!
JessicaUh-huh. It is good I guess.
Fati'aA VERY nice drawing of the marauder's foot. The boy's cute too if he weren't slouching! Such a guy...
Fati'asorry spelled my name wrong
Fati'aGAWD!!! never mind....
krazzyi've defeated the word of blake so many times it's not funny... YMIR is my favourite! with the super weapon of doom with the most powerful laser and bullets!!!(aaah you did switch pictures now i seem crazy thanks!! oh wait... never mind)


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