Grey elven thief, glaring determinedly through a slit in the wall.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienGee, that wall looks screwy after compression.
krazzymoon elf or some other kind hmm...
NastibanNeat. Only thing i see is the backs of the arrows, it looks odd. I think the wall is ok, wouldnt have given it a thought if you hadnt said anything :)
Eraikei W. O.::Looks for the "screwy" wall:: o.o;; Eh... Loks good to me... ^_^;;... Still love your drawings.. *_*
jjlooks like he's frequenting the ol' glory hole to me.
gilligan007...at..gmailthe arrow slot would be insuficent seeing as its too high for a proper stance for an archer to draw back and fire an arrow..

i like the elf its super cool casual silver elf.. but i would change the slit. to maybe 2 eye holes
bookbookhe looks kinda thin.


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