Wood elven barbarian, high up in the trees where he belongs. Thanks to Mith for the background and title.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienI'm happy with this one. Yay! Bets i won't be in a year :P
MithandirHeh. I think it looks awesome Alien.
DemantherPretty Pretty!
True-ChaosVery impressive!
ElysThis is amazing!
Destervetha+|-|4+ |5 4 5+|_|/\//\/|/\/9 c0|0r|/\/9 j08~! Whoa, I could never do anything like that!
YoshiWOW! Awesome!^_^
The BThat is simply AMAZING!!!
Tyrusit is awesome but the foot is a little misproportioned. But other than that it is really good!
Eikan0.0 *gapes, wide-eyed for hours on end....then for hours sideways* s-s-so.....*thinks* Spifalienilie!!!!!!!! .....*shrug* just made that word up...can't describe something that good......
KaithWow...AMAZING!!! I likey the scythe ^_^ Guanturafigalantery! (How's that for a made up word?)
snakewho cares about making up words this is just plain amazing
LithorienI love this. :)
CoyoteTold ya you had talent. ^_-
FireBall:-). That reeally is awesome. Great Work! Keep it up! :-).

You really do have talent... *bets you still will be*
PumpkinI'm very impressed Alien. I think you're artwork just keeps getting better :)
ChewaGoooood Job:D I think it's good! Luv it;) lmao buh buh buh buh buhhhh I 'm luvin it;)
ZirrahWow, that's really great. :D (*wonders what is on his foot..hm..*) I like all the details and weapons and stuff!
Lord OmnitHOLY FRICKIN' CRAP! THAT IS THE BEST PICTURE I HAVE EVER SEEN YOU DRAW (and you have drawn some pretty awesome ones)!
MindfulVery well done artwork, and I especially like the light effects with the lettering. Superb!
AkylaWow.......love the little details, the twig in her hair, the injured foo, the little tear on the shirt...wow..such talent.
MerilRoseWOw....i'm impressed....i like it....keep up the good work!!
LadyIslay*Evil* woold elf! Evil! The flowers are so deceptive!
I especially like the filtered rays of sunlight.
LadyIslay[06:43] too many people liking the text effects and sunbeams
[06:44] That a bad thing?
[06:44] yeah
[06:44] THe text effects were cool too.
[06:44] I made those :P

Well then... I *also* like the colouring details... especially on the knees and lower clothing... it's like blended pastels. Very well done.
LadyIslayHrmph. Let's try again...
Mithandir: too many people liking the text effects and sunbeams
AJ: That a bad thing?
Mithandir: yeah
Islay: The text effects were cool, too.
Mithandir: I made those :P
NekoHitorisugoi... now that's impressive. i especially enjoyed all the little details you put into it, like the hole in the shirt, and the bandage (i think) around the foot and arm. i'll bet Thranduil would like to get his hands on that elf.
LadyPhoenixIt's beautiful. :) I'm quite impressed.
LuthienShould be a poster! Make a poster! Please?
BrassGuyi Like it
xanderme gusta mucho tambien. Especially like the scythe as a weapon choice- is it sharpened on both sides (changes how it can be used a little).

And you might want to secure the mace head, but otherwise all right.
Why do some people think the elf is evil?
TealyaOhhhhhhh... I love. That is really cool. The use of color is excelent. He looks well armed for a fight but not evil to me. That loose morning star head looks like it would hurt if he were to run, though.
bena scythe, a bow, and a ball and chain danglinge from her side. That's one beautifully drawn wood elf I would NOT want to make mad.
semperI LOVE IT!!!!!! it's so....so....pretty and good and...it's amazing!!!!!!!!!
krazzyit's... so baeutiful it hurts to look dirrectly at it.... it's precious! so very precious....(oh yeah and i am baaaaaack)
Neko-Yamait's like... the flowers have this insane contrast to all those weapons... freakycool (..)
BrassGuyi agree he doesn't look evil just well armed. oh and for those of you who dont know what the spiked ball on a chain is....its a flail i am supprised nobody has commented on that yet
lnp4668Well, I hope you won't be happy with it in a year since you will do better :P
Drygonwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll I guess I can say...
ITS COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
krazzythe letters look like they shine.... so shiny....
PixieJessIt is really pretty!! BTW I am Jessica/Myrtle, Mithander.
Mr. Tibblespuurty!
AryaI am impreased!!! Please, draw some more wood elves; this one looks so calm, happy, and content.
TL Wyvreneep! krazzy's back!(i guess i'd better stop talking about MUFFINS!!!- oops)
bookbookthis is beautiful. i love it.
MoiHeh! I love the mischievious look he's got!


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