?dhelion Alagos-Barad

Dark elven monk from AJ\'s campaign of Bridge-End. Raised by elves in a monestary he\'s not your average drow.

Added 1969-12-31


Pav LucistnikHmm, the bow is very small for the person, and the fletching hiding eye is, well, strange. Otherwise nice :)
MithandirYeah there's something strange about that arrow's position. Great picture though.
Ivelliosdont elves normaly use a longbow?
CoyoteBeing (moderately) skilled with a bow, here's my two gp:
The arrow goes *through* the bow, not along side it, ie, it should rest on the wrist side of the grip not on the fingers side. I see this error a lot, so don't feel singled out. You would have a much harder time holding the arrow still like that.
Secondly, he seems to be holding the bow in an awkward position, usually the right hand would be flush with the cheek and he'd be looking down the shaft of the arrow. Otherwise he could hurt his nose if he lets go, to say nothing for aiming problems.
OTOH I like the design of the bow, with the serpent head/tail and all. As far as it being small, it's a shortbow. Sometimes it's advantageous to sacrifice a little power for portability. It looks about the right size for a bow useable from horseback.
CoyoteI should try drawing my character from that campaign, too. :)
CoyoteAfter picking up a bow and looking at it, I was wrong. *sound of frantic and futile erasing* NEVER MIND ME I AM AN IDIOT
CoyoteSorry about that, apparently I can't leave my comp alone....
To clear up the confusion, here's a picture of some dork holding a bow more or less correctly:
-however it looks like he's having a hard time pulling it back. :p
Coyoteapparently I am *not* an idiot :)
krazzy(9.9" and i thought i talked alot... i'll never make that mistake agian i just wasted 50% of my life reading that...) the drow looks like an ah mercanary, well stocked with a blanket in the back for cold night away from the cities. a sword with bow and arrows doesn't have any trinkets of value... so of a lower class house!
Powers That Aren'tActually, when I first saw this work, the elf's stance didn't put me off... To me, he looked like he was holding the bow in a proper Japanese kyudo stance.
However, when I reviewed proper technique in Google, I found this sequence of a proper kyudo 'draw':

Final result before release, a European archer and a Kyudo archer will be in the same position before release...

You could give AJ (Alien?) the benefit of the doubt, and say that 'Odhelion' was 'caught' in a moment of time during his 'kyudo-like' "draw" to ready the bow for release. And since he is a 'monk', then I would assume he would have been taught the 'kyudo-like' "draw" technique, rather than the Europeon-style "draw".

Look, Krazzy! Another long comment to waste the other 50% of your life! >:)
Monday (aka Kitten)This drawing is really cool. I love the clothes, his backpack and things, and like Coyote said, the bow. And the setup with the background and all, was well done :)
Ajemiiyeah the background is awesome!
bookbookPINK HAIR?!
MoiWonderfully smooth skin and shading.


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