Feiht by Alien's sister, Tone aka Kitten.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienLovely rendering of Feiht. Gotta love it :)
KJReally nice work.... you two are really talented :)
EdorFausI can only agree with Alien on this one :)
OrcaNice. Looks like the whole family's got more than their share of artistic talent. :)
MithandirYeah, no fair :)
Lovely image. Feiht looks almost friendly :)
CoyoteI like it :)
BIGAgree with all of you so far. I'm very proud of my children, and maybe I do some fanart too, some day.
NekoHitoriHai! Feiht doesn't look like she's up to any trouble. Unless she reaching for something just off to the side of the page. You never know what weaponry she could have hidden...
toastyeah i definatly need to give you some fan art. BUT HOW?
Neko-YamaFeiht looks so cute!! ^-^ Her hands look kinda small, tho. Just right for reaching in people's pockets...Bwahahaha>:)i would put in TONS of fanart if my dad had a scanner.(yeah, I'm 12 years old 6.6)
PixieJessOn a scale of one to ten I give it ... 12!! (The age I will be in August!!)
BrassGuyi agree it is a great drawing of Feiht
krazzyalien does your sister get into misheif alot? the thought occured to me that the characters of chasing the sunset could be off of real people.*imagens a person like feiht* tee hee hee
AdaeOoh being a good artist must run in Alien's family! Is your whole family as good as you and your sister, Alien? I like the shading.^_^
Black magic girlMe likey!
AryaAaawww, she makes pixies look almost adorable. Very nice drawings.


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