Two fluttering Sohacs from BIG!

Added 1969-12-31


jedi zeroIts pretty nice, but what is it?
jedi zeroLike are they genies? Something else?
AlienIt's Sohac :)
The pixie they met at the old dragon inn.
NekoHitoriKewl! It's like a Sohac and an Anti-Sohac. You know, like matter and anti-matter!
......please forgive the nerdiness.
BIGI liked your comment, NekoHitori!
Maybe it's Sohac's "Shadow"?
Or maybe he tried to duplicate himself, but failed a bit?
Who knows?
Neko-YamaIt's Sohac's Evil Twin! Or maybe the CTS Wondertwins! Wonder-Sohac Powers, ACTIVATE!!
PixieJessThe other Sohac must be good. Or bad. Because you see Sohac is a pixie and pixies are both good and bad.
BrassGuyeek pixies *runs away screaming
KristaI like your picture very much.
Arya*schreeches8* There are two of them now!!!
Kiainteresting style with the reversed colors. I wonder how this was made


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