Born on the day that Leaf's mother died, Ayne became one of Leaf's closest friends. Known in the elf village for her rather volatile temper, she is kinder than she seems (or at least, so everybody hopes). In fact Ayne and Leaf get along pretty well, in their own way. They had little choice being the only children in the entire village (Elves, living very long lives tend to have few children).

Behind her harsh exterior however, Ayne is a caring person who does not want to see her friend hurt.

Despite being twelve years younger than Leaf, she is much less naive and childlike than the latter (though this too could be an act) and has in nearly all ways a stronger personality. Less pacifistic in nature than Leaf, Ayne carries a sword (but Leaf is the better archer, not that she will ever admit that, of course).

When Leaf left on his quest, she first unsuccessfully tried to convince her parents to let her go too and then failing that sneaked out of the village during the night. Like for all Elven girls a house-tree was planted the day Ayne was born. It is unknown whether Ayne just abandoned it or left somebody in charge of it.

Recently Ayne became an amazon and her name changed to Ayne Teryanil

More information will be added when it becomes available (we don't want to give everything away just yet)


the ravenyay garfield!!
the ravenoh yea i got first comment!
Sinity Comic #10 wanted to see something
CharisetHow do you pronounce her name? Is it An-ya?
halfdragon_mageshe is my favorite caracter. i just love her personality and that she is taller than leaf. if i could be a caracter in this story i would want to be ayne but i would rather have the dragon as my pet.
E.T.ayne is turning blue!Go amazon!:}
E.T.ayne LOVES to smash stuff dose she?yay!she is just like me!
Tim (the enchanter)Why is Ayne so much taller when she is younger, is leaf just short?
But we do know whether Ayne left someone in charge. It's mentioned several times.

Granted, I don't remember which comic, but it's been mentioned.
hkmalyFrom the previous version of cast page, taken from wayback machine (see comment link):

Ayne Fact Sheet

Species: Elfus Treehuggerrus - The Common Elf
Age: 131 (young for an elf)
Gender: Female
Size: Stands about 170 cm tall
Hobbies: Tantrums
d&d stats: Str 12 - Dex 14 - Con 10 - Int 10 - Wis 12 - Cha 16
d&d skills: Balance 5 - Climb 4 - Heal 4 - Intimidate 7 - Listen 5 - Spot 6

(Note: might not be valid anymore, but at least the age is - as seen in Comic #158 ...)
hkmalyI see the trick for linking comics from their numbers is still not working ...
RoseYou should do a little montage showing her getting bluer and bluer. :D
rosa wingtaili also wanted to know why ayne is taller. and is there no romance between the two later?
Konever since the amazon story arc her skin has been getting darker and her hair lighter... i think whatever makes the amazons blue is turning her into a Drow.
WisknortOh, you haven't updated this since Ayne talked about her tree. Since it is known now that she left someone in charge of it. (And that person was named, but I can't remember who it was or when that was said...)


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