Amazons in Chasing the Sunset

When Leaf and Friends traveled through no mans land, they helped the amazons defend their homeland and thus wrought friendships with sveeral of the blueskinned women. In fact Ayne became an amazon herself, taking on the birthmarks.



Varga is a captain in the homeland guard protecting no man's land from intruders. It is her group that first encounters Leaf and friends and who leads them to their village. Varga, like most amazons, likes joking around and is amused by the elves.

The queen of the amazons

A former kindergarden teacher, the queen of the amazon leads them until next the eggs hatch, at which time a new leader will be elected. She has her hands full trying to organise the ragged bunch of individualists that form the amazon tribe, but is aided by the great respect the others have for her. Generally calm and serene, the queen is less likely to start a brawl to win an argument.

Sendyl, the healer

This amazon took care of Leaf after the furies drained him. She's a capable albeit somewhat frivoulous healer who likes a mad cackle in a thunderstorm and is generally very open and sociable.


MithandirTesting comment 2
Squirtis "sveeral" supposed to be "several"?
SquirtOhhh! first comment! that's my first time!
Thekid-catSorry Squirt, that's NOT first under comments!
KeyoteaThey are proud warriors but, they seem a
KaireIt amuses me that the queen was deemed the most qualified purely because she was a kindergarten teacher.
BregenorWell of course, only someone of incredible love and patience can be a good kindergarten teacher, exactly the sort of traits best for a leader, far better than leading ability, which can be learned as you go. At least with a loving person you know they have your best interests in mind and will do their best. A capable person without love has all the possibility of not using that capacity to help you but rather themselves and their own agendas.

But yes, I think it's funny too.


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