Extract from "Who is Who in The World That Is" by Wizard Ehm-Al.

Much could be said on the subject of the Hell's Pixies, although in truth if one removed all the curses the written material would be considerably shorter. Note, please, that by curses I mean not merely vulgar language: so many malignant spells have been levelled at this group that should all of them have found their mark, the results would be, shall we say, unpleasant? Of course almost none of these curses worked, or at least worked for very long. The clue is in the name, after all: we are dealing with pixies.

The Hell's Pixies then are the World That Is's most illustrious grouping of these fey (a fact that attests to the ignorance of most people as there are far more worrying groups of pixies). They are known far and wide as pranksters and troublemakers, but then this is the baseline for pixies and as such not very remarkable. What is worthy of note is that while the make up of the group has changed over the years, there have been Hell's Pixies for many generations of men. This constancy – or at least consistency – is rare amongst pixies, who after all as a species pride themselves on, in polite terms, creativity.

It is not just the name that lingers. Through its entire history the Hell's Pixies have distinguished themselves by riding kittens (note to my less magically attuned readers: if you are unable to see pixies, but see a bunch of kittens, it may behove you to run). These steeds suit them as kittens have much the same mindset as the more innocent pixies (which, let us be clear, the Hell's Pixies are not). It is unknown whether they use the kittens as a means of luring victims into a false sense of security, or just because of the coolness factor.

Possibly one reason for the consistency is to increase their reputation. Technically pixies could be any shape and look different every time you look at them, however they stay consistent in their appearance so that they can build up what they call “pixie cred”: a reputation as pranksters and menaces. It is, if you will, their measure of success, and all of us are their judges. The Hell's Pixies have a lot of pixie cred, and most pixies would do anything to join their numbers.

Currently, the Hell's Pixies are led (if pixies can be led) by Dread, a blue pixie with colour-changing hair (possibly part of his pixie cred comes from having made a changing appearance memorable) riding Tigerkitten. Other members include Baron (a demoniacally themed pixie) riding Silent Stalker, Spike riding Checkmate, Toebiter riding Long John Silver and Siren riding Fuzzymuzzy.


OskThis is great. I've been very curious about the Hells Pixies!
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eekeeheeheeee! A delightfully-written article about my favourite group of, ummm... entities in CtS.
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