Rhyme is a red-dressed elven bard who Leaf and friends encountered in the old dragon inn in the elven city of Lhaeshorrond

Rhyme is quite old (but looks around 20 in human years) and has seen a lot. Optimistic and generally happy, Rhyme strongly believes in the elven ideals of freedom and not taking too many things too serious. As such she gets along with pixies quite well. As a bard she focusses on the spoken/sung word, and through her studies of lore and music tapped the magic inherent to song that only bards know. True to her nickname, Rhyme always speaks in rhyme.

It was Rhyme who guided Leaf to the mage tower and told him of the wizard who caused the floods. Rhyme has asked Leaf to seek her out again after his journeys so she could write the song of his quest.


E.T.wow first comment!she is happy,fun,and very artistic!
KeyoteaI saw her once or twice
And I think she is very nice
RhymeA red-haired elf of common trade,
Through her songs and poems she aids,
Those with trials or those with gripes,
Like two elves and their dragon with orange stripes.
SquirtThe way this is written it sounds like bards are their own species. Are they? If not, what is Rhyme? My first guess would be elf.
SquirtHa ha, I just saw that you describe her as an "elven bard." I feel slow...
DeepforestThis may seem shallow, but she has amazing hair. I was very jealous of it the first time we saw her, due to how long it was. It has since seemed to shorten, though.
BregenorI am quite impressed with her Rhyming ability. I would probably end up sounding really weird if I tried. Love her and the Historian's interaction in the dwarf kingdom.


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