The Grey Unicorn

Named the Unicorn Prince by the bard Dersil, the grey unicorn was born as the rare child of a great black mare and a white stallion (both unicorns obviously).

His history (which is related in this story) is hinted at by the Lady of the forest when Leaf and friends run into a troup of unicorn hunters.


ParseTag('a',' href=""','dragonqueencr',true, 'greyunicorn')yay first comment! Isnt the gery unicorn the child of a great white mare and a black stallion
ParseTag('a',' href=""','Squirt',true, 'greyunicorn')yeah, his mother was white and his father was black. Check for yourself in Comic #95!
ParseTag('a',' href=""','ultrainventor',true, 'greyunicorn')i thought it was the other way around. let me check.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','ultrainventor',true, 'greyunicorn')yeah, is mom was black and the dad was white.
ParseTag('a',' href=""','ultrainventor',true, 'greyunicorn')*its
ParseTag('a',' href=""','bean long ',true, 'greyunicorn')dear Squirt his father was white and mother black.


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