The Gray Unicorn
Chasing the Sunset
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kokopelli says:

what about the humans? arn't they still there???

Aerinelf says:

Silly Leaf! He thinks he can fly... From trees, from trolls...

bookbook says:

we know humans can't see pixies. Can humans see elves? oh, right, yeah.

Bubbles says: the last panel leaf looks bigger than ayne.

Squirt says:

You can too draw unicorns, Alien. Have some confidence!

HappyComfort says:

It seems like it would be a great idea if you guys put information about yourselves on Wikopedia.
Love your stories! ~~Happy~~

Rendezvous says:

I'v never noticed laef's back pack

Lee says:

People aren't supposed to put information about themselves on Wikipedia because it's considered vanity. Nothing to stop fans doing so, though.

CryptoGirl says:

maybe the unicorn is leaf's mother.

Lone Star says:

and then...maybe it isnt.


Statri says:

The unicorn looks good, Alien. Iwould just like to see the horn a bit longer; it looks like a horse right now.

hailstorm says:

i bet it is his mom

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