Hunting Party
Chasing the Sunset
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Alphawolf says:

*hiss* backgrounds >

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

What does the crone do, then? Why is Leaf suddenly SHORT?

noir says:

*gasp* language!
The hunters are drawn well.

Puddingpie says:

You'd think they could hear them whispering, like five feet away.

Aerinelf says:

I like Leaf's hair in the second panel. It's pretty and detailed and his bow is sticking out of it. :)

bookbook says:

eeeevil unicorn hunters... eeeeevil girl with blond hair/white dress...

Bubbles says:

wots the deal w/ the witch?

Squirt says:

Did anyone else notice the little mark in in between Ayne's speach bubbles in the second panel?

Bastet says:

It's the letter 'I'!

Whirlpool says:

No it's a hourglass!

Unicorn says:

Silly feiht thinking she can take on the hunters on her own

Statri says:

The speech bubbles are confusing in the 3rd frame. It looks like Ayne is asking about the girl, and I can't tell who is answering. I think Ayne is describing how the hunters work to Leaf or Fieht, but I'm not sure.

Lone Star says:

EEEEEEEVIL hunters...

Ultrainventor says:

ouch! profanity! not good or expected for this comic.

hailstorm says:

poor unicorns. (mmmmmm corn)

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