Leaf's Diary
Chasing the Sunset
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krazzy says:

does that mean since i can see feiht i'm not human???

Alphawolf says:

well like he said before it was that whole belief thing

Queen Julietaini/Juliette says:

Haircuts are not a bad idea, actually.

Eikan says:

nuuuu! bishie elves with long hair are shinee! ^_^;;;;

bookbook says:

he would probably look more boy-ish with a good hair cut

Anybody know anything about elf mohawks?

Whirlwind says:

Now THAT I'm sure would look weird...

Shadow Phoenix says:

Well, according to the Tough Guide to Fantasyland, when the elves say they're departing into the west, what they mean is that they went west "to Minnesota and thence to California, where they have great fun wearing punk clothes and riding motorbikes." So mohawks aren't out of the question. ^_^ Of course, they'd have to be long, flowing mohawks,because these are elves we're talking about.

Rendezvous says:

I love the last frame

Statri says:

Myhrad's comment reminds me of the game "Clue." "Pixie with a bucket in the bedroom." Was that intentional?

Lone Star says:

Leaf keeps a diary. Hmm.

PurplePixie72 says:

I like the leaves at each end of the scroll!

Phenoca says:

The comic's artist must be an Elf! Or believe in fey...

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