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Chasing the Sunset
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Feldar says:

Does the troll really need armor? I mean he was shot by the guards' entire supply of arrows and was unphased.

Science_Vixen says:

It's a uniform thing.
All soldiers must be ressed similarly.

Puddingpie says:

Well, if it's just a matter of aesthetics, they could always paint the guard insignia on him every month or so.

I'm sure trolls don't bathe.

blazerflare says:

Or they can paint their own armors brown.

bookbook says:

NORMAL trolls don't bathe, but I'm sure he does. Not bathing is a common misconception, remember?

Shadow Phoenix says:

Or they could give him elephant battle armor. And if trolls here are made of stone, they could carve the badge onto his arm. *Shuts her little Discworld-obsessed mouth*

random_gaurd_who_happened_to_be_on_the_ground (Bubbles) says: don't have to have pity on me.

Rendezvous says:

you'r name is wierd bubbles

Icy says:

They could knit a tunic for him, or at least a bandana with the symbol on it!

hum says:

Even if arrows don't hurt, who do you think is going to be the first target of ballista?

Storel says:

Why would he need armor? Those arrows weren't any more than a minor annoyance to him...

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