Deus Ex Machina
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

OK, Rhyme should have "people skills" to solve this without burning anything ...

Jeremiah says:

Wonderful, now that Rhyme can handle the situation, Feiht wakes up to make it worse.

odo says:

hoom. Myrhad is right, as usual, but the fact than an irate Ayne is able to pick him up one-handed is information that is important.

Pulsy says:

Lol Ayne seems kinda pissed off :P I love how she can lift Myhrad with 1 hand... i guess dragons are naturally very light to be able to fly though, probably can't compare the weight to that of a dog the same size.

Tensko1234 says:

Their baaaccckkkk! Yay, Rhyme. awesome strip

Sir Richfield says:

Hmm it seems there's a type in Feith outburst...
That or she speaks a strange accent. *g*

Khyrhon says:

I love how Rhyme sees Feiht and longs to escape... no doubt because of past experiences

sami_the_ghost says:

Rhyme has the greatest sense of humor. I was wondering when Rhyme would come back. Poor myrhad.

Unigirl says:

Yay, Rhyme is back!
And Feiht tips the bowl thingy over...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, the situation has become much better with the arrival of Rhyme

But then again, with Feith awake, it could become much, much worse.

Awesome says:

Wow... Elves really are strong to be able to pick up even a young dragon with that much ease! Those things ain't light ya know! :O

elvenfairy says:

dragons are light so tehy can fly. Also, Anye is a lot stronger than teh avrfage elf. *wow, I've never had a poast so early before!* Yay, rhyme is back, I liked rhyme a lot!

Chariset says:

"WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING?" ... ehehehehehee... I love Ayne

Bubbles says:

Yay! Rhyme and Sohac! SOHAC is BACK! It RHYMES, see? LOL.

Mogget's Little Sister says:

wow... how did feiht wake up so fast?

dragyn says:

Heh. "But I know Feiht too," says it all, really.

CryptoGirl says:

anyone else notice that sohac is an anagram of chaos?

CryptoGirl says:

and feiht woke up. uh oh. feiht+sohac=apocalypse

*Skittles* says: comment.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, elves and bards are known for their chaotic nature, so it kind of stands to reason. Not all chaos is bad you know.

bluedragon012 says:

aww poor myraid.. *hugs him*

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

The reappearance of Rhyme. What next?

Skreyola says:

Myhrad should have stopped at "My fingers aren't that flexible."

Remmon says:

Hindsight being 20/20, I just noticed that Feiht in fact woke up in the PREVIOUS strip, as she is already missing from Ayne when Ayne is visible after knocking Leaf out.

But let's look at the bright side of things, it can't get much worse then this, only better!

Bastet says:

Actually, this could get worse....

Poor Myhrad. I don't think his people skills are that good either.

EdorFaus says:

Remmon: Actually, no - Ayne put Feiht down on the table, still sleeping, in strip 410, after which the waitress put a bowl on top of her...

dragonqueencr says:

Arwadrat, stop spamming. No one can understand you.

bookbook says:

chaos (sohac) and thief (feiht)! this should end with a lot of shinies being permanently removed from the premises.

JonMW says:

You know, Ayne must be really, really strong (especially for an elf) to be able to lift Myrhad straight off the ground with one arm. Gripping him by his neck, too. Ow.

I was never here. says:

What does Deus Ex Machina mean?

Khyrhon says:

God from machines, I'm guessing. I'm not sure whether machina is first declension feminine singular or neuter plural, anyone want to help me on this one?

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

He looks very... Umm, limp in panel 4. But, then again, so would I. -gulps-

Retiarius says:

"Deux ex machina" comes from the some of the old Greek plays. It means, more or less, "God on a wire." At the end of some plays, an actor representing a god would be lowered on a wire to put everything right or at least clear up all the loose ends. In today's literature it's considered an extremely poor plot device, although sometimes it can be milked for humor.

Retiarius says:

Which, of course, is exactly what I expect to see, now that Feiht is up and about. :P

bookbook says:

Deus Ex Machina means "the god in the machine", and it's kind of an idea that comes to the character totally by surprise and just randomly happens to work... very poor plot device. read the seventh Lemony Snicket book for details.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Deus Ex Machina as I understand it is literally translated "God out of/from a machine". Essentially it's the original cop-out. In old Greaco-Roman plays, occasionally the writer would put his hero in an impossible situation. To get out of the corner he painted himself into, the writer would use Deus Ex Machina. Usually a god appeared, as mentioned before sometimes by crane, and the god would be in the form of some sort of machine and magically solve the crisis. Usually it makes for a poor plot device, but if any of you saw "Galaxy Quest", I think the Omega 13 is an excellent example.

CryptoGirl says:

you realize, don't you, that the last three comments were basically just paraphrasing each other? and bookbook, i think any of the lemony snicket books would work.

Nebra Reppalk says:

To each their own opinion. All to often we're wrapped up in what we're saying we don't realize someone else has already said it.

Raisin says:

Speaking of Lemony Snicket, you know how some adults are all angry about how they are "two violent" and about "horrible things?" Well, I figure out that PETER RABBIT HAS THE SAME PLOTLINE!
Ahem: Rabbit/children whose father/parents was/were murdered (put in pie, burned in fire)almost get killed by the same person (Mr. MacGregor/Count Olaf)! Except Beatrix Potter fit it all in about 20 small pages with lots of pictures. But hers isnt considered "violent", is it? Huh? HUH?
Nothing agains B. Potter, but ya know.

Raisin says:

Man I love my strangely twisted mind!

Retiarius says:

To CryptoGirl, Yeah, but my full definition was first. And I scrolled up to check before I posted. I always do that.

Nyeah. :)

Warning: I am not taking myself seriously and neither should you. :P

Khyrhon says:

Well, Nebra Reppalk's is the one I use. And the most literal. Deus = god, ex = out of/from, and machina = machine, or machines (see my earlier comment on my confusion). I'm too lazy to look it up. Not that it matters, I'm just slightly obsessed with latin...

bookbook says:

we're arguing over the translation of a random latin phrase?
this is just sad.
i have a better(and more random) thing to argue about...
the pros and cons of various greek gods and goddesses!!!
if this is what we do in our spare time, i'd hate to see our social life.

Retiarius says:

Social life? What's that? :P

I supposed "machina" may refer to the pulleys used to lower the actor playing the god. Machines were pretty simple back then.

Oh! Social life! I remember now! No, I can't afford those. :P

thewatermelon says:

what s it???

Pulsy says:

oh i almost forgot to add: YAY the cutest character in the comic is back! Rhyme is yummy!


Nebra Reppalk says:

Social life, let's see....*rustles through files*.. hmm, does playing D&D with your friends weekly count?

On to gods and goddesses: Personally, my favorite of the Muses is Clio, muse of history. It is said she would put the mad urge in men to dig through old records and talk to elders to gather information and then make their conclusions about what happened in the past. She's definitely my patroness.

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Personally, I think the new muses are better.


*Skittles* says:

Yeah. I think Aeiou pwns.

bookbook says:

pwt pwns

thewatermelon says:

Yah Mogget!
pwt GETS pwnd.
koko is pwner!!!

bookbook says:

actually, i like urania the best... i just said pwt pwnd because some museblogger made it up and now everyone says it.

Nebra Reppalk says:

(Returning to original tangent) Of course, if I had to pick a MAJOR deity, I'd probably go with Athena. Mainly because she's the patroness of knowledge and (occasionally) warfare.

thewatermelon says:


Khyrhon says:

For my favorite major deity, Artemis, or Diana, whichever you prefer. Athena as well. I just like both of them.

As far as new muses go, I don't have a favorite, though I do enjoy the magazine.

Mogget's Little Sister says:

ooh! Artemis! Artemis! She's really cool.

Nebra Reppalk says:

In my younger years I would have said Ares. Nice big war god. (I know, you're thinking, "Nebra, you are such a typical male.") However, as I continued to study mythology, I discovered Ares was a violent brute that reveled in senseless destruction. Let's just say my favor quickly went elsewhere.

Aerinelf says:


Bubbles says:

Hmm... Because of the delay, I bet a really awesome comic is next! Not that all of them aren't!

bookbook says:

Athena would so beat Ares in a fight...
on a similar but different topic, who here has read The Lightning Thief and its sequel The Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan?

Bob says:

Greeks rock, but what about the Norse gods?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Unfortunately, in most history books the Vikings only get a passing nod as one of the many groups that overran the decaying Roman Empire. Thus, with so little attention paid to them, it's easy to understand why their mythology is so easily skipped.

Mithandir says:

Well, CtS borrows Mythology from all over the place (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Belgian, Oriental, ...). Ancient Norse influences are, of course, provided by Alien, since she's a Viking herself.
(Now there's a concept .. an Alien Viking)

Khyrhon says:

Alien Vikings? Sounds fun. What about alien dragon/werepyre/wolf/other cool things?

Bob says:

How do you kill a vampirate?

With a wereninja!!!

Nebra Reppalk says:

When I'm not being a dwarven warrior...I'm a, a Jedi. IT'S NOT MY FAULT!*goes off to whimper about deplorable lack of demand for Jedi in current market*

Khyrhon says:

I'm a dragon/werepyre/alien/feles/anything else I think of. Fear my wrath. Rawr.

Retiarius says:

Regarding Athena vs. Ares: You are correct--in every myth that put the two against each other, Athena kicks Ares all over the battlefield.

I've had no trouble finding works on the Norse Gods, and even a web comic (Brat*Halla) covers the genre in an amusing way. Norse mythology, of course, lives on in many of the days of our week: Tuesday, Wednesday (Woden's Day), Thursday (Thor's Day), Friday (Fria's Day).

You have all now been rendered sightless by a flash of the blindingly obvious. :P

Peregrino says:

Heh... if I had to go with a Greek god for a patron, I'd pick Hephaestus. Decent enough bloke, and not a sodding nutter like some of the others (or a stuck up prig...).

Seriously, have you read about what some of those loons did? Well, that and Hephaestus has the best toys >:)

As to why the sudden flood of Anglicisms, I'm not entirely sure. I'm Canadian :/

Nebra Reppalk says:

Retiarius: I concede you the fact that the names for some of the days of the week come from Norse Mythology. However an equal number come from Greaco-Roman. Sunday (Solis die, day of the sun), Monday (Luna dies, day of the moon, moon-day=Monday) and Saturday (Saturn dies, day of the god Saturn)

However I would like to apologize for my ignorance regarding Norse mythology, I have not had proper exposure compared to my vast experience with the Greaco-Roman tradition.

I als have to admit Hesphateus/Vulcan is an impressive deity in that he is the patron of metalwork, the smith god. (Obviously something dear to my interests although I have no experience in metalwork whatsoever)

On the insanity of the gods: I have to admit, that family had more screws loose than an amusment park with labor problems. Zeus couldn't keep his pants on for what, five minutes? Hera wants revenge because Zeus is getting around. Ares just wants to kill things. His sister, Eris, is even worse, shrieking with delight at the sight of blood.

One thing I've learned is never fall in love with a nymph, she usually gets turned into a plant.

thewatermelon says:


Painted Cello says:

I think my favourites must be the Muses! (I'm an artist and musician, and I write the odd poem or two...) Especially Thalia and Euterpe, (Guess what I write poems about, and what instruments I play other than the 'Cello. You get a cookie if you get it right)

CryptoGirl says:

Ares is such a whiner. seriously. i mean, he's supposed to be this big macho war god, but he totally isn't. he's a wimp.

Seaspray says:

Hermes for Greece, Loki for Norse (yeah i know he's the bad/evil guy, but the myth of Slepnir is too funny :) )

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah, honestly. Ares, the great and powerful wargod gets wounded by a mortal, A MORTAL! (albeit Athena gave Diomedes some help there) And what does Ares do? Goes crying home to papa. Pathetic...

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Awesome! Cellists rock!


My fav in norse is that trickster guy...

also the big giant doggie wolf thing that will destroy everyone! :-)

Retiarius says:

That would be Loki and the Fenris Wolf, respectively. But I expect you knew that...

Bob says:

Hermies is cool and not very insane either.
For the Norse, I personally like Braggi. don't know much about him but he is cool anyways.

thewatermelon says:

(A HEM!)


thewatermelon says:

Yo! What's with the lack of updates, mith???

hailstorm says:


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