You Must End
Chasing the Sunset
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Someguy says:

Hehe, Ayne is better than Myrhad at calming Leaf. :)

Contumacious says:

I think she should have let him go off on them. Love the color.

DragonFire says:

ahhaahha loved it :D

DragonFire says:

You hunt unicorn was funny.

but the furries cant wait which is sad.
she looks like shes going to DBZ lol

Ivellios says:

I LOVE the eyes in the second panel hell I think the second panel itself is probably the best panel in the chapter but I would also like to know what leaf was planning on saying: end? maybe

Pulsy says:

You must en-... ?? I wonder what word that was going to be

Very nice job on the coloring by the way! The strip has taken a turn for the evil now... people almost got hurt :S

odo says:

"End" is the clear answer. A refreshing draft of water, delivered all at one, encompassed in a goblet.

Morg-fire says:

hehe... love the dwarfs in the 1st panel scrambling away from the gaurds.

Arya says:

Firey Leaf.
Huummmm. Nice touch,very unique, and thank the gods Anye knocked Leaf out.
I love the hair designs, their so creative.
Great work, Mith and Alien.

thewatermelon says:

im back and as annoying as ever!

JonMW says:

Hmmm. I'm still betting that they're going to make an expeditious retreat from the bridge.

Anya says:

I think the dwarves are scrambling away from Leaf, not the guards.

elvenfairy says:

lol thsi was great. I too love teh eyes in teh second panal. I guess Mirad's idea didn't work, words seemed to have no effect. This was great, I was laughing so hard I woke up my room mate

Nebra Reppalk says:

Sometimes the most simple solutions are the most effective. Brute force will work, you just have to know where to apply it.

Also, it appears the water baloon either burned up or exploded (panel 3). I wonder if the rod has a connection with the Furies?...Nah, that'd be too convenient.

Bubbles says:

"You've made him angry. You won't like it when he's angry." And, "Mystic powers from beyond are no match for a refreshing jusg of water. Although I broke the jug."

Twilight says:

I love how it switches between the Fury's scratchy angry font and Leaf's and how the Fury's font is the one without grammar and making the unicorn mistake.

Squirt says:

for a minute there I was really scared!

Tensko1234 says:

Go Ayne! and also making Leaf go to heel. awesome job!

Wanderer says:

Hmm... hulk reference. In other news, the furies seem to actually have a clue how to use that staff.

Mogget/Solembum's Little Sister says:

Hmmmm... Furies are more active than before... actually firey eyes instead of just red.... flames burning all the time instead of just when he's hurting someone....

Hehehehehehe... furie takeover!

Skreyola says:

Water. Cool, clear water.

Chariset says:

I think my favorite part of the comic is the way the water balloon fragments fall off the staff

hkmaly says:

Hmmm ... will they exploit the fact leaf is out or will they fear Ayne more now when they know what is she capable of ?

Retiarius says:

Since the comic title is "You Must End", it's pretty clear that's what the furies were saying before Leaf suffered a case of ceramicus interruptus.

I agree, having the balloon burst from the head of the staff was a nice touch.

I guess the inn won't be all explody today after all. Now I won't get to say, "Oooo-weee! That blowed up REAL good!"

Oh, wait, I just did.

Osk says:

I hope they wont try to lock him in... he might blow up the prison

elvenfairy says:

well, it's inhumain to lock up an elf because they die of despair that way so lol

Peregrino says:

Well... it's never a good idea to encase exploding things, elves or otherwise, in a small space.

You'd end up picking prison-wall-shrapnel out of your hide in the next county.

Long time lurker, first time poster- you actually drew me out with this one! I think I'm going to make Ayne's line about the jug my new forum sig... hehe.

Peregrino says:

Oh- as a random aside, the furies may not have a clue how to use the staff properly- it may just be a convenient object that can channel magic well.

Khyrhon says:

Welcome to the comments! Ah, the wondrous power of a simple water jug... I love it!

AnyaDraconis says:

Well...the bottle-over-the-head trick is a bit cliched, but it works nearly every time. :) Problem solved...

Pie says:

To quote something she said herself, Ayne is either really good at diplomacy or really bad.

Aerinelf says:

Poor Mhyrad. It's not easy being to voice of reason when you're talking to a possessed elf. ^_^ He looks really cute in panel four though.

Wildy says:

I Thought he was going to say You must endure ... something or other... but since the comic is You Must End, perhaps it is that, though it would make more sense for there to be something after that, like end your evil deeds (not that corny though). Otherwise he would have just said you must die. Am I just babbling now?

bluedragon012 says:

this comic keeps getting better and better... I encurage you to keep doing comics... and I can tell how much better your coloring skills have gotten.. I mean take a look back att he first few comics.

saeria says:

Loving the new found use for the staff :) Especially the exploding of the water balloon and hair tie. But, er... where's Feiht? O_o

Oberoten says:

No matter HOW powerful the wizard is, a dagger (or in this case water jug) from behind will still seriously cramp his style...

Oberoten says:

That said however? I still expected this to end with the equivalent of "Draaaaagon-SLAVE!"

hkmaly says:

Oberoten: Originally it's how _subtle_ the wizard is, but this works too.

zanarkrimshot says:

hsd snyonr rldr noticed there appears to be a severed arm under the table in pannel one. that or someone just doesnt want to run.

bookbook says:

people keep saying that it's the furies who have bad grammar...
but i think most things have bad grammar when dead drunk.

Eolill says:

Water owns all.

CryptoGirl says:

it's the magical hair again! in panel 2 it's in a ponytail, and then it explodes! and leaf doesn't look like a girl in panel 6. love the strip though. the furies are awesome. except in all the last ones it ends with the furies saying "we have found..." and then leaf passing out. maybe it's because they got interrupted by aynes's water jug.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Oh, yes, a turn for the evil indeed. I wonder whether the exploding ponytail is from Ayne hitting him, or from the power of the furies/his anger.

Sitara says:

It's rare to see Ayne so much more sensible than Myhrad. Gotta love that line of hers.

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think there is a suggestion that the Furies possessed Leaf because he has some underlying psychological issues that lead to easy irritability under certain conditions. Furthermore this anger is deep-seated rather than superficial annoyance.

Point is, the Furies see something in Leaf that he'll have to face someday.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Good point, Nepra. You are probably right.

bookbook says:

has anybody noticed besides me that the words "You" "friend" and "my" are in normal Leafspeak in panel 1?
this may be a sign that leaf is merging with the furies. uh-oh...

Nebra Reppalk says:

I'm thinking that the font changes you refer to are to serve as emphasis in the sentence which we often miss in written language.

I'll demonstrate how the same sentence with different shifts in emphasis can have different meanings:

I stood on the porch last night. (emphasis on I)

I STOOD on the porch last night.(emphasis on stood)

I stood ON the porch last night.

I stood on THE PORCH last night.

I stood on the porch LAST night.

I stood on the porch last NIGHT.

If you get what I'm trying to say, let me know.

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Yeah. It kind of makes the font inconsistent, though. Oh, well, I suppose its just my opinion.

*Skittles* says:

I thing they have sufficiently confirmed that in due time they shall be kicked out.

*Skittles* says:

Like my fancy english?
Love how he broke the jug.

*Skittles* says:


bookbook says:

Nebra: yeah, I get it.
I wish I had something good to say.

Jeremiah says:

Well, are the furies now going to obliterate Ayne? Leaf must add to his speech "you slow my quest, you hunt unicorn, you must end... this getting Ayne to hit me"

Peregrino says:

Hmm... the way I read the random font-changes was just 'insane-with-rage = talking funny'

And... the Furies obliterate Ayne? My money's on Ayne...

thom says:

AWESOME!!! TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME!! i cant say much else other than AWESOME!

always watching. always waiting.

*Skittles* says:

If the furies got Ayne, we'd all be in trouble.

MoonMinx says:

Um very....angry....Leaf?

Silverwolf says:

Well I've said it before in "The Dreamland Chronicles." Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off elf.

foundpersona says:

i defn. like the reference to the hulk in here, both through the speech style as well as the quote. well done :P

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

in panel the dwarves

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