Lost in thought
Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

Can't you just picture a giant bathing in itching powder? Mua ha ha!

kokopelli says:

i like the dragon like that.

Lee says:

Nice unexpected follow-through on the last strip's punchline

Soleil says:

THEY'RE BLUE!!!!! that's interesting...

Icy says:

Valentines Day Myhrad

Veralidaine says:

Little disgusting historical accuracy- Amazons cut off their right breast so they could work a bow better.

Shadow Phoenix says:

They weren't blue, though. Different amazons. Myhrad looks thoroughly P.O.'d.

*Skittles* says:

Poor Mhyrad..

Lone Star says:

"Us wemen don't need no men! Well...maybe to do the dishes and clean up while we're on an adventure." LOL...ROFL...ROFLMAO...

Black*magic*girl says:


Nightfeather says:

Myrad looks soooo cute

JuneBug says:

"God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs, men make dinosaurs."
"Dinosaurs eat man, women inherit the earth."
(Jurasic Park)
LOL. I love that last panel.

Dollph says:

I was drinking my beer while reading this one. Took me a lot of control not to spit the beer out XD

hailstorm says:

LOL poor Dragy

aj26 says:

Extra character.
I won't tell them about the amazons so we can just get across without them making the joinery more difficult.

Lex-Kat says:

@ Veralidaine: Actually, not all accounts of them have them removing a breast, and those that did varied on how it was done. Mutilated by burning as a child, or cut off as an adult. But those tales were less about throwing javelins or firing bows as they were about making Matriarchies to be unnatural by showing the practitioners to be lesser-beings that mutilated themselves in order to more man-like. It is of note that in most of the art that depicts Amazons that they almost always have both breasts. Though one is usually covered, showing that it was more likely that they covered the breast just as modern women athletes do. There was no need to disfigure themselves in order to fight/fire a bow/throw anything. It is very likely nothing but myth told by men to denigrate the Amazons, if they truly existed at all.

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