Chasing the Sunset
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Nova says:

What on earth is in Leaf's hair?
Also, Ayne's bow seems to have shrunk.

Lae says:

its feiht!

Feldar says:

I think that's just perspective.

Alien says:

Flowers are in Leaf's hair. Ayne was making them into a strand a couple of comics ago.
It's Leaf's bow she's carrying, not her own.

the krud says:

yeah, but Feight's in there too

the krud says:

Lee says:

BTW, why does Ayne have multicoloured arrow flights?

Alien says:

Why not? They\'re from three different batches of fletchery, not all elves bother hunting down the same birds for all their fletching.

Zyth says:

I love Myhrad\'s expressions!

augdog20 says:

the dragon cooler is realy weird

CryptoGirl says:

oooooh. ayne puts flowers in leaf's hair, she calls him cute, she carries his bow....and she teases him....hmmmmmm

Whirlwind says:

Myrhad looks funny in the first panel!

Soleil says:

Sry I used YOUR name too without knowing that you were using it!!!!

Bubbles says:

No Face hungry!

Flaming Mono says:

You like doing funny things with Leaf's hair, don't you Alien?
In frame 2, the bush he's leaning next to is poking through his ponytail.
And in frame 5, feiht is hiding in it.

Shadow Phoenix says:

Four laps around the forest? Seems like a tad long run.

Bubbles says:

oh cmon doesnt anyone like noface!

Ramani says:

That's not a bush, flaming mono, it's feiht diving into it. What you see is her green dress.

Lone Star says:

is feiht scared of the amazons?

d says:

how did aynes bow get so small

hailstorm says:

He was only 140

Jaxtastic says:

In Frame 2 it isn't a bush but Feiht that is going into Leaf's hair.

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