Well ... no.
Chasing the Sunset
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Lena says:

Semantics! So frustrating, they are. Poor Ayne. History's in the eye of the beholder and all.

Odo says:

I sympathize with Dersil, but Ayne is being incredibly consistent as a character.
I wanted to say "Can't wait to see what he means about not believing in evil," but
I'm going to have to. I am finding this
to be a totally fascinating work, and yes, I came here from SP and immediately
bookmarked. The artwork is very good and the story is fascinating.

taltamir says:

If history was in the eye of the beholder then it would be dispelled much more often...

Trelweny says:

It's true... the king didn't say the fey was evil... just that he thought it might not be 'good'. But then, would you say Feiht is good? She's not evil either.

I'm reminded of a line from a song in the musical "Into the Woods" (A mixed up faerie tale): "You're just 'nice'. You're not good, you're not bad. You're just 'nice'. I'm not good, I'm not nice, I'm just right! I'm the witch! You're the world!"

I'm thinking before this is adventure is over Ayne will need some serious anger management sessions. -_-

Trelweny says:

oh, & Alien... your artwork is getting better with each strip. It's great to see the progression.

MB says:

I'm really curious to see what Dersil actually knows about that blue fey ...

Moonclaw says:

I was thinking at wasn't Dersil playing an evil king...but then I relised that being a tyrent and being evil where two diffrent things...just sperated by a very thin line. Great strip.

Ivellios says:

i didnt comment when i first read this comic but i think i should bring it up now it is impossible for almost all of the fey to be evil they are to chaotic to be evil some might consider them evil for what they do but eventualy the fey would do something wich that person would consider good (well not always cause the person would have probably died of old age by then)

Pixie Slayer says:

Ah, good to see someone's trying to make her think through what she did! T'was very careless of her to leap into that without asking about any secret fine print or anything like that. Not that I should have expected her to...

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

Ayne's got learn to live in a world where people have bias (who says the Amazons were telling the whole truth? Their version of events is more than likely going to slant in their direction) and things aren't black and white. The King does have a point, Ayne is making assumptions.

I'm interested into what the King means by "in this city we don't believe in evil".

MB says:

Ayne really did take a huge leap into the unknown, only for a new bow ... -_-; After getting to know Feiht, she really should've considered more closely the ramifications of accepting a Fey-spawned transformation.

Chrinos says:

History is only LIKELY to be slanted? You were paying attention to the Amazons, weren't you? They made history a contact sport. Ayne just has the skill at history of someone who's only watched one game.

Kaiou says:

I agree with Chrinos. The amazon's turned history into a sport, who knows what they left out in the telling of their history. Some one could've won a fight and got rid of the part of the history where the fey actually cursed them in some way.

MadWithMuchHeart says:

Came here from S*P also, attacked the archives and am now up-to-date and stalki- I mean, am keeping an eye on the update countdown :D. Nice comic!

Faticia says:

I'm beginning to like Dersil more and more. He's developing into a very intruiging character. Keep up the good work, and the good art! It keeps getting better each comic!

Irish Drinker says:

Well, I have come tot his site from SP as well. I must say, I will be reading this as often as it uptdates. This is an amasing story. Also, the artwork is great.

I am sending this to a few firends I know taht like good Webcomics, so perhaps you will see their posts up. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making such a great story.

Sly Eagle says:

"Look, if you're expecting me to be reasonable about anything you haven't been paying attention very well."

Hahahahaha...sweet. I think that's my new favorite quote of all time! ^_^

OneTimer says:

Judging by the amount of comments on recent comics, and by those earlier, i believe the advertisements are doing a very good job.

hikari says:

Came here from S*P as well, love the comic :)

Queenie J says:

I like this comic. There's a period missing in the last panel, first bubble. And the red dress in the 5th is superb. Nice shading on this as well. Is that a new bracelet on Ayne?

Clay says:

Well this comic is very interesting. I read it, start to finish now, in 2 days.

GO Mighty Pixie thing! GO GET THOSE SHINIES!!!!!

Ivellios says:

the enlarged image of this one makes it alot clearer that Ayne is wereing a tiara with that outfit

Bubbles says:

Don't believe in evil? Is that good or bad? This is weird cos the Amazon fey might be ev-er, bad.

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