I shall believe no evil.
Chasing the Sunset
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MB says:

Heh heh heh ... ^^ That's refreshing; a fantasy monarch who doesn't want any bloody soothsayers around. Dersil is really starting to grow on me ...

TheRev says:

Been reading since yesterday, read all the back story, and i must say I'm impressed. Good story lines, good art. Enjoyed the humour of this strip

Ivellios says:

i like this guy hopefully he doesnt have a grand visar though i dont know why they always higher a person who puts traitoris murderer on their resume

Moonclaw says:

HeeHee, Great strip. That was nice of Dersil to invite everyone to see the pretty flower open.

Daithi Dubh says:

And Leaf is looking more like a male. Though compared to Ayne he still looks like a child.

Lee says:

We Cancerians don't believe in astrology either. (Yeah, I know, old joke.)

Pumpkin says:

So... when will the pretty flower bloom? ^^

patchwork zombie says:

lets hear one of his stories somtime

patchwork zombie says:

and what happened to that thing that would tell you how many comics you hadn't read

Chrinos says:

Remember, Leaf looks like a child because he IS a child. Both of them are. Ayne is just more ... developed. I think she's older, but she also seems relatively taller lately-possibly a result of becoming an amazon, or just the artists developing style.

Tallguy says:

Anye is younger, by a few years than leaf, but being female, and having a number of personallity issue has hit puberty before leaf. poor poor world

Tallguy says:

plus I think leaf is just short, for an elf and Anye is tall.

OneTimer says:

the funny think about astology, is that the whole reason certain times of the year were associated with certain signs is that was the time those signs were blocked by the sun. Astrology is out of date, even by its own rules.

contumacious says:

I am here from SP, great comic, I don't usually like fantasy art, but yours is good, I appreciate it being in color.

Quedishtu says:

I'm one of the folks who found this through the S*P ad. I've read through the archives. I haven't enjoyed a web fantasy/adventure story this much since I discovered "Lord of the Peeps." Not to disparage peeps, but your characters are much more attractive. Thanks for brigthening my work week!

Pixie Slayer says:

What does the flower have to do with explaining the Gamun fantasy? (yeah, yeah, I'm one of those of "a more cynical nature")

Pulsy says:

2 moons? o.O damn nights must be brightly lit overthere...

Black Mantha says:

How are the moons illunimated? If one is full and the other empty, they are at different sides of the planet and will not be up simultaniously.

Clay says:

I like to make up stories too!
Go bardking GO!

Qzole says:

Intresting philoshy, recently heard some very wild ones on philosophy lesson, it's that no one exists, you are only my imaginations....
There ARE some strange ppl out there :P

... says:

A celestial body does not have to be above the horizon to influence things. It's bound to have some effect at least on the tides when the sun, the planet and both moons all line up. (Or almost line up - if, in particular, the full moon was perfectly lined up with the planet there would be an eclipse.)
And if this place is near the equator, at midnight it will be near The Line too...

Pixie Slayer says:

These moons can't be as big as our moon or if they are, they can't be so close as ours. That much gravitational pull and light in the night would not be cool for the planet's inhabitants. Except maybe the pixies.

Lone_Woulf says:

also possible one moon is eclipsing the other moon, they'd obviously have different orbits so it's possible.

Ivellios says:

well if you of the moons orbits arount the poles and the other around the the parrelels of latitude then i think it might be possible for one to be full and the other to be empty or maby its jsut one is in about to set when the other is rising

Tallguy says:

Duh! it's a fantasy story.
Your thinking to much.

Black Mantha says:

Good fantasy is internally consistent. The moons can be more the size of earth's if
A - Orbits work differently in this universe, or
B - The paths are percisely designed.
Otherwise, their attration to each other would make the paths erratic, and fling one or both away/down.

Reinder says:

C: Pixies juggle the moons to keep them up.

Pixie Slayer says:

I like Reinder's suggestion best.

Tallguy says:


4WindsWanderer says:

The size of the moons can hardly be relavent if the planet's magnitude is unknown.

Bubbles says:

Bye folks, i'm leaving for cobblestone cabins in tofte, MN in a few hours. I have to help pack and stuff. See y'all in a week.

JuneBug says:

I like that guy.
(Most of the time.)

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