Jumping to conclusions
Chasing the Sunset
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Mimir says:

Pixie trouble I see... this will be... interesting...

LoneWoulf says:

misunderstandings suck, being experienced in a large ammount of missunderstandings, I would know ^.^

i_like_shiny_things says:

Oh dear...

CloudySky says:

We need a new way of communication. In my experience, not being misunderstood is a rarity. After that, we need a new way of evaluating situations, so we don't misinterpret those either.
That is so not gonna happen... :)
At least Leaf isn't likely to do irreparable damage before he gets what's happening.

sjon says:

Can't the Feight be 'initiated' ? I wonder what a pixy that's burning in blue flames looks like ^_^

Ivellios says:

you probably dont want to see a pixie buring but the artwork on this update is diffrent to other ones both leaf and myhrad look diffrent from before

Spider says:

aaah! Leaf with his hair down! Bliss!

ForceUser says:

Spider: yup, he looks more like a boy with his hair down like that.

And yes Alien & Mith, I still read you excelent commic!! It just keeps on getting better and better!

OWK says:

hmm, blue flames + red flames... I wonder how shiny Feiht thinks green flames are.

Hex says:

Haha, Feiht probably is a little angry because she wasnt the one that has been burning Ayne ^^

pixiejessica says:

ohno.....this isnt good. my instincts tell me that feight will turn this into the worst situation possible.

Fia says:

Oh, Leaf'll just run outside with all his might because of the awesome heart he has, and try to stand in between Ayne and the others, so -he- may get turned into an Amazon instead.. or the thing'll misfire... or stuff. It'll be fun thinks I.
But off to my original point - I love the little "You've Missed x Strips" thing! ^^

Mimir says:

Ooooo... I like that thought actually. Sure I know it's not going to happen, but I somehow find a misfire onto Leaf (who by the way passed the same three tests as Ayne) a terribly amusing thought. Amazon man... heh.

Eikan says:

ForceUser: I think he looks more like a guy with his hair down because most long-haired guys keep their hair down, so we're more used to it...or I could just be the odd one ^_^;;;;;

Bubbles says:

Thank you Alien and Mithandir, for making a great webcomic. I know that I don't get to read it very often, but what I've read so far I love. The plot art and characters are all great. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Bubbles says:

Leaf looks cool w/ his hair down.

Ramani says:

Have Leaf wear his hair down more often!

Lone Star says:


Icy says:

This will be so fuuuuun! >:D

hailstorm says:

Leaf shold keep his hair down and im also not surprized that fieht is helping anye even tho fieht likes to play pranks she doesn't actually want anye dead *remembers piranas* mortaly injured.... not so mutch

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