Dragon rugby
Chasing the Sunset
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lnp4668 says:

Where is my button? My preciousssss....

Moonclaw says:

Feiht...what a mischievess pixie. Mesa likey.

Moonclaw says:

Feiht...what a mischievess pixie. Mesa likey. Wonderful detail in panal 2, you can see Ayne in the distance.

tilyene says:

thats awesome. i agree bout the detail, thats WONDERFUL. and i like Myhrad's comment. if they were hurting her that badly, it WOULD be them doing the screaming

Mimir says:

Bad pixie! No shineys!!!

Kirakea says:

Oooh! I can?t wait to see what happens.
Poor Leaf getting plowed down like that. Heh Dragon Rugby :p

CloudySky says:

This is probably the most action we've seen out of Myrhad yet. I like :)

i_like_shiny_things says:

Whew! For a moment there, I thought this was going to turn ugly (or pretty, according to Feiht). Go Myrhad, way to...uh...do something other than sleep!

Beacon says:

Wait a minute. Myhrad actually DOING something? It's not April 1st yet, so it must be real. I wonder how cold it is in hell right now.

Mithandir says:

Actually Myhrad used to be quite active ... some of the time. He can be seen chasing butterflies in some strips. Truth is dragons are quite close to housecats, which explains a lot of things :)

FragFrog says:

Hmm.. maybe some day we'll even see him fly.. Would be awesome..! *hint* ;)

Nice touch with the blue and yellowish glow too! Then again, I'm used to see great light and shadowwork from you already.. :))

Poor feith.. ^_^

AnyaStyrzod says:

oooh believe me, not all dragons are akin to housecats. Some are, but others.....hot hot burrrrrny

Bubbles says:

z plots getting butter by z min!

Bubbles says:


TheNextTaggerung says:

No fireworks? Humph! Humph I say!

hailstorm says:

That other dragon whos name i forget was also like a cat FIIIISHIIIIEES

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