Chasing the Sunset
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LoneWoulf says:

hehehe magical egg timer, wouldn't mind having one of those around though, as long as I could tell it what to time :)

LoneGamer says:

First post.. for real this time!

It's basically an egg timer/alarm system, isn't it?

Mimir says:

Yes! Go Leaf!

Riverting says:

Awwwwe! Leaf is so cute when he's blinded by justice and courage and that stuff! >)~ lol.

tilyene says:


good comic guys!

i_like_shiny_things says:

Leaf: knight in shining blue tunic! Ok, so it's not shiny but...well...you get my point. :-D

lazurdus says:

Hi, I just read this whole stip and thought it was awsome to read. I have it down as a favorite and will be reading every update. Great job to the guy or ppl who are making this comic.

lazurdus says:

Ohh also I did the species thing and came out as a dragon, woohoo go me.

Lae says:

Yay!!! Ayne is still taller! Thanks Alien!!!! :)

sjon says:

Knowing how Feiht likes to mess with colours this doesn't bode well.

Moonclaw says:

Oooh cool! Mesa like the homelink pearl. Leaf is so sweet, telling them he will come to help even though he doesn't have to.

Ladyfox says:

Leaf and I share a few traits, apparently- If my friends or loved ones needed help- I'd be there- whether or not I was required or obligated to be there. Love this comic, I mean- These folk are real in that- they react the way people I know would react- given a similar situation.

crazyninny says:

in a way it is still an eggtimer. when it is red that should also me it is well done.

Mimir says:

Yes, well, after reading your post below I must guiltily admit that I have been watching CtS from two IP addresses. It isn't that I wish to deceive you or anything, it's just that sometimes when I have access to them I just want to see CtS on whichever one I'm using.

Mithandir says:

Heh, don't worry about that. I don't mind that. It's just I don't want people coming with a dozen different ip's just to artificially increase the visitor count and thus get the goodies I promised. Nothing wrong with people using multiple machines for other reasons, I do so myself (work pc and home pc).

Mimir says:

Okay then. I feel better now. And no, I'd never do that. (and not just because I have no idea HOW I'd do it)

Moonclaw says:

Oooh *Gets wided-eyed* a comic on how Leaf met Myhrad, that would be so cool! *Trys to think of ways to get 1000 people to read CtS.

FragFrog says:

Aaaw... too bad you didn't mention the need for visitors a month ago.. Back then I ran a quite popular MMORPG server wich rendered about 10.000 pageviews a day.. But its now closed down permanently, so very little I can do anymore.. :(

Hmmm.. well, making a link in my forums signature will help I think.. Lets all do that people! *Enters a new MSN name* ;)

OT: Leaf is sooo cute.!! But I'm really worried about that magical eggtimer, knowing Feiht she'll use her magical shiney-detector-sence to find it anyway...! :o *looks worried*

Feldar says:

Oh, hey the tagboard is stull up. I just have to use Mozilla to see it. IE seems to be crapping out on my web comics.

Ivellios says:

feiht will have already sotolen all their shineeees and wont think that the amazons would give her any so she wont steal it though the next pixie they meet will and that will probably result in a quest to get it back

Ivellios says:

on a unrelated topic that still has to do with ctc when are you updateing the 7.5 minute war mith?

Jamya says:

In regards to the reader count my brother and I both read CtS but we use the same computer. Is there any way we can actually make it look like both of us are reading? I mean instead of just one of us?

Sesshi says:

Nice comic. It's almost like a promise that we may see the amazons again soon!! YAY!! Leaf yet again breaks the No Man tradition... in regard to the Reader count, my current computer is being repaired, so i'm using my brother's computer, and when my mom gets her computer, i'll mostly use that or my school/family members'/friend's computers. - i hope i'm not cheating? Sorry, it's just that i have no permanent computer at the moment... The prizes sound neat! Pixquest sounds fun - i often imagined making a CtS RPG!

GG Crono says:

I still say you should sign up for a couple of webcomic toplists. I'd vote for you. Even if you can get into, say, the Top 50, that'd be a definate boost in hits. You're definately good enough.

If you can scrounge up a bit of dough, you could always purchace some ad-space on a more popular comic.

Lae says:

Just a question... where exactly does Ayne lose her first bow?
Ive been looking through the archives and I cant find it.

sjon says:

Adding to a voting list is a good idea. I come by via two PCs (work - home) but never both on the same day so I am not screwing the count.

Mithandir says:

When fleeing Aunt Naiira, here

Ladyfox says:

Mith? Ummm.. If Ayne loses her bow in that comic.. what is that in Panel two strapped to her pack?

Mithandir says:

Leaf's bow, which she had been carrying ever after leaf went into a coma for the first time.

Zeanana says:

It's almost cute how so many people are concerned about "cheating" with too many computers.
I think what Mithandir and Alien are referring to, is more that people PURPOSELY try to upper the IP number, with PURPOSELY using different IPs, PURPOSELY creating multiple IPs for their connection, with PURPOSELY trying to get to the prices, etc.
A lot of people I know, who also enjoy CtS have no other choice but use Internet Cafe's or other public places to visit this site. Their IP changes EVERY single time, they click on this site. They do it on purpose? Definitely not, it's just their only way to get to see the updates. Anyone grudging against that? I don't think so.
I guess I'm not too wrong with my assumption? Am I?

Apart from that, Mith, Alien, I think you're doing a great job!

Lots of all the best to both of you,

Mithandir says:

Yeah zeanne has got it right. Don't worry about using multiple machines. I jsut don't want people for example going to their school's PC lab and visiting with every computer there just to get the numbers up to get the goodies.

Bubbles says:

What goodies?

*Skittles* says:

What goodies?

Bubbles says:

What "What goodies?"?

Lone Star says:

goodies? where? where?

Bubbles says:

I like goodies!

aj26 says:


hailstorm says:

maby he will be the first MALE amizon tho that whould kinda defy the purpose

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