Gallantry isn't dead, it's just where you don't look.
Chasing the Sunset
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Eraikei says:

Is this some stroke of good luck? I get first post...? Great strip. "Yeah, he's male." XD

Mimir says:

Leaf the fury! I like this... I like this... It adds a new dimension to him really.

dryg0n says:


pixiejessica says:


Sesshi says:

Yes, it does add more dimension to him, especially since he is not exactly well... fury-ish. Hmm, new plot line! To the city of Gamun!

FragFrog says:

'Yeah. He's male.' - so mean..! Then again, they are amazons after all.. 8-)

I start to really like the 'bright red flaming Leaf' thing though - he looks so cute and childish, but in the end can do almost as much damage as a horde of pixies on shiny-hunt :D

Ivellios says:

in frame 4 its soo cute with ayne holding leaf like leaf is her younger brother and needs protecting

K\'layana Yaova Calayhadras says:

loks like someone does mind....luffs the story line...hihi eraikei!!! i love th frame with ayne and leaf...i agree with Ivellios. pictures are as awesome as ever!!!

Trelweny says:

"as much damage as ahorde of pixies on a shiny hunt" hey, FragFrog? I like that. I guess the only difference is that Leaf leaves his victims their original color with all shinies in place... ^_^

Ivellios says:

mith just so you know ive got a alternating IP wich means every so often my ip adress changes so that might make it so mine ays alot of people are reading

ForceUser says:

OOoohh I love this! Leaf is red flaming thingy and Ayne all Blue flaming thingy... verry cool!

Eikan says:

yea, 'raikei...should use that line on fayte if he ever misbehaves ^__^

fuzzly cat says:

the "egg timer thing" is soo pretty. it would be cool to have. except maybe not for eggs

Bubbles says:

Gamun-Gammon as in the villain in Zelda games? i sense a connection!

leaf+ayne =love4ever...not says:


hailstorm says:

YAY sexisim

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