Backstory: Huggles
Chasing the Sunset
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Erythnul says:

Wow, more flash-backy dragons! :D Beautiful...

Flora says:

Dragons! Yay i love dragons. This is wonderful!

Ezekel says:

aww that is just so beautiful *sniff*

Mithandir says:

Loses a lot in the downscaling, I\'ll make a higher resolution version available sometime

Lithorien says:

That's beautiful. :)

ForceUser says:

oh, so THAT'S where he got the blue wiht orange strips.. so *cute*

Moonclaw says:

Ok, well I'm going to be repeating my self alot but, AWWW, their so cute! I can see where Mhyrad gets,Umm...him/her looks. I love panel 7, so cute!

Arithon says:

They look so cute! I love the title for the page it is very aporitate for the scence.

FragFrog says:

Aaw.. can't.. breath.. too.. much.. cuteness... =)

The dreamy panel-layout works great too, go mith & alien :D

Ladyfox says:

Does Miss Mab know your using "Huggles"? That IS so- SO cute! :) (Though if Pip shows up- well- it would make sense for them to be related...) :) :)

Lae says:

Is Myhrad him or her?

Phantasm says:

Which is the father and which is the mother?

(Aww! The blue one has such tiney arms!)

crazyninny says:

aaawww it's his parent.

Mimir says:

This is great stuff!!!

Moony says:

Somehow I think the orange is the female and the blue is the male. I'm not sure why.

Me love it! And in risk of being repetitive, SO CUTE!

SpinKitty says:

Myhrad started out sooooo small! No wonder he's still of-a-size with Leaf. Will we find out how old Myhrad actually is?

Elys says:

actually, i think the blue is the mother... but w/e. this is so =D CUTE! love it!

Old Troll says:

For some reason, I got the impression that the nest area was covered with gold and jewels. Or is that just straw?

Mithandir says:

No, that is correct. It\'s the dragons\' hoard

Chevette Girl says:

baby-dragon-on-the-nose... that's just adorable...

tilyene says:

this is an utterly adorable comic! i love it!!... i also like the land before time reference :)

... says:

Mother nose best. ;)

Lee says:

"Loses a lot in the downscaling"

Einar says:

BEautiful dragons, and I love Myrhad dangling in panel 4. Just so adorable =)

Bubbles says:


Nera says:

You have to admit, it is cute.

Lone Star says:

i'm repeating myself too but cutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecute!!!!! And five more! 10! 100,000,000,000,000,000,000!

Thekid-cat says:

Tilyene? you like Land Before Time?

Thekid-cat says:

Aww! That's one cuddly dragon! It's even cuter with him hugging their noses!

Thekid-cat says:

Or is it her??? Panel 2 is one of the best!

JuneBug says:


JuneBug says:

Didn't Myhrad already say that he was, like, 151 years old, or something?

hkmaly says:

And the higher resolution version is here. Thanks, Mithandir!

TheNextTaggerung says:

*asphyxiates from nose-dragon cuteness*

Cooler Becky says:

AUGH! That is so cute! It's... aawwwwwwww... @_@

fieryonionofDOOOM says:

cute x infinity!

Beacon says:

An interesting little detail is how Myhrad takes traits from each of them. Not just his coloring. He's got the large arms like his mother, but his father's two-toed feet. His head ridges/spikes, too, are halfway between his father's frill and his mother's horns.

hailstorm says:

hes a combination of both of them but i like the bles one better

Tehren says:

Aaah! Land Before Time! I like this comic even more now!

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