Sheep have many uses
Chasing the Sunset
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Lae says:

Thats great!

And I *love* baby Myhrad with the butterfly! Any chance you could do a background with it?

Flora says:

IOU heh... nice! What is it with him and butterflies though?

Flora says:

Another thing. The sheep looks like its got mange

Mithandir says:

We pondered using Ship from Count Your Sheep, but we didn\'t want to be mean to poor katie :)

Doggie says:

IOU. XD! That is hilarios.

Nastiban says:

Hehe :D
I like the waythe story is told.
Like the dragons 2 ^^

Reinder says:

If all it has is mange, it's a lucky sheep. It doesn't have hoof rot, foot and mouth, pink eye, sore mouth, licky end or scrapie.

ivellios says:

i missed yesterdays strip :( but i noticed that another reader reads dmfa wich makes 2 people i know of who read this and one other comic that i read at least

JonMW says:

Myhrad and the butterflies is simply the picture of draconic peace and cuteness.
Even a kitten could not do that better. I think.

And I like the IOU note. What's the bet that Myhrad tries to set the sheep free?

Mimir says:

Hee hee.

Remmon says:

Yeah, but now that Alien is doing most of the work, we can't yell at Mith because he's lagging behind with the dialogues...

On the other hand, it's fun and it looks great

Lythic says:

Even mangey sheep are tasty.

sjon says:

babies need milk or else they weep
but dragons they have no breast
so mommy did what is best
and brought for little myrad a sheep.

EdorFaus says:

ivellios: I have a long list of comics I read... DMFA among them :)

"Silent" story is working out quite well, for this. Wouldn't work for everything, of course, but for this it works quite nicely.

Arithon says:

So that is who left me the note when my pet went missing. Though the pixies left me a note for my shiny necklace I don't expect them to give me it back since I was spotted red for a week.

Beacon says:

Y'know, I had forgotten that Myhrad was a vegetarian. Mayhaps we'll see how that came about. My big question at the moment, though, is do the dragons actually intend to repay the shepherd? Methink not.

Moonclaw says:

Aww, how nice, there going to repay the farmer...I hope its not in blood though. Very nice strip, mesa like!

Freak says:

Brillaint... Love the IOU! and your sheep is great, and not mangy as stated above! :-p (says someone who can't draw sheep!)

Elizar says:

I love quote, nice Black & White referrence, that always left me chuckling.

crazyninny says:

At least she left a note!^_^

Nao says:

You'd think they'd drop a few of those coins from thier hoard, instead of the IOU...

Elys says:

coins from hoard might work... but how are they going to repay him? The iou is great.

Lee says:

"We pondered using Ship from Count Your Sheep, but we didn't want to be mean to poor katie :)"
But Ship s only an imaginary sheep. Anyway, the minute they tried to count him the dragons would fall asleep.

Einar says:

IOU. Heh =)

Bubbles says:

sometimes a story without words can be just as good as one with them

Ramani says:

Count Your Sheep is one of my favorite comics. So's this one! Don't feed Ship to the dragons please!

Ramani says:

Crap. In the last comment, i accidently underlined everything!

JuneBug says:


Osk says:

dragons with a sense of humor, great

hailstorm says:

very polite i can see where myrd gets it from

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