Dragon fire
Chasing the Sunset
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thatlaurashapedchick says:

so cute.......

Flora says:

If at first you dont succeed... Sleep

Pulsar says:

Did Myhrad just yell the fire out?

Nastiban says:

Are they cooking the sheep?
In the last frame you can see it was something that could have been fluffy and white.
I like the way the orange dragon is tapping its foot in frame 4 :)

Moonclaw says:

panel 4: Myhrad's mom: Honey what did I tell you about blowing flames in the forest room?

Great! Mesa like, so cute that Myhrad trys to blow fire but can't

FragFrog says:

Actually, I think he's trying to make fire on his own, just like his parents, you can see little bits of orange coming from his mouth in the last panel.

He did grow a lot though since the previous comic, almost makes one wonder why he is still the same size ever since he met Leaf

Mithandir says:

He hasn\'t grown since last comic, but then you don\'t have a height refference in that one. He grew quite a bit since he got out of the egg, but you (and myhrad) don\'t know how much time has passed since :)

BenneyChaos says:

This has been the hardest strip to understand in silence. The burnt sheep was hard to see, and now I don't know what Myhrad's feelings are about it. Because he will eventually be a vegetarian, so I'll just have to wait and see the other strips.

crazyninny says:

This plot is so cute its hurts!! Baby Myhrad try to breath fire!!! aww..

OWK says:

Breathing fire? or yakking at the thought of having to eat burnt sheep (could be considered the dragon equivalent of broccoli - get those wool fibers stuck in your teeth and all...)

Dragonmaster says:

Myhrad's Mom: 3 fingers, three toes
Myhrad's Dad: 1 finger, two toes
Myhrad: 3 fingers, 2 toes.

Makes some sense, but the one-finger-per-hand feature of the dad kinda bugs me.

Ah well. It's still cute.

Midgee says:

Aww..so kawaii!!!!!

Elys says:

=D so... unbearably CUTE!!!

Flora says:

You know the stick that thefluffyness is on... Well... I find it rather shocking that it isnt burnt to a crisp like everything else around it.

Prestedigitonium says:

Perhaps the father sneezed or something causing the mother to look on with scorn.

Eraikei W. O. says:

Wow... I wouldn't have noticed the toes and fingers thing... o.o; That's really cool.

TeMPest says:

ummm which one is the dad and which one the mother? somhow the blue one looks more mother-ish to me...
the whole dragon plot is awww so cute =D

crazyninny says:

The orange onehas to be the mom. Only a women can scorn like that!! HAHAHA!!!

Phoebe says:


Lae says:

havn't they just had a huge fight...?

Einar says:

Aww. Little Myrhad trying to breathe fire...

Bubbles says:

r the prents going to have a spat

Lone Star says:

shish-kebabed sheep!! w00tses!

Thekid-cat says:

I love the dragon plot!

JuneBug says:

He wants to breath fire, too!
Keep trying, little guy!

TheNextTaggerung says:

COUGH...CHOKE...GHASP...so... cuuute....can't...breathe

hailstorm says:


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