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Chasing the Sunset
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Erythnul says:

Awww.... poor Myhrad! BAD HUMANS BAD!

Killer Wombat says:

Ah the "Old Fake Butterfly in a trap" Trap.

Flora says:

Curiosity (or cuteness) caught the err dragon

Flora says:

By the way... I love the tail in the air bit. Just to cute.

Tribble says:

Any cuter and my brain would explode.

sjon says:

stalking dragon? I don't know any dragon that would fall for an uncamouflaged trap like that.

remmon says:

He'll probably fall for it and jump in. Then either go straight out the other side, or his parent(s) will help.

Ofcourse now that I've said this, Mith will think of something I hadn't thought of...

JonMW says:

This kind of comic strip should be kept away from teeth!
My prediction is that either his parents rescue him from the trap or that the elves do.

What is Myhrad's current mental capacity? Is he like a toddler or equal to how we see him now? My prediction is made on the guess that he is about the level of toddler.

Lae says:


Doggie says:

My question is, why go after a baby dragon when theres a horde of gold a few feet away from it?

Also, I bet Myhrad's tail looks like a bulls-eye in the air. XD

Arithon says:

this is why butterflies are evil... they lead you to your doom by fluttering in your path with their brightly colored wings.

Flora says:

I agree with someone here. I think he is to young to know what humans and traps are so this is just another thing in nature to him. Thats my own opinion of course.

Also this could be how he gets lost from his parents and ends up meeting leaf when they are alone. But im just quessing and of course Im the queen at guessing the loser and guessing right.

crazyninny says:


Moonclaw says:

*sad eyes* poor Myhrad, he's thinking of going after that butterfly...wheres Myhrad's blue parent? I see that the orange dragon is flying away.

Elys says:

no! cages = bad! I hope that Myhrad will miraculously avoid the trap...

it's too cute!XD

JonMW says:

Well, at least we know the ending to the story, and that he doesn't end up scarred inside and angsty.
And the red thing appears to be drawn outside the box.

Squeakers says:

Ack! That's not good. :(

Phoebe says:

NOOOOOO! Please, Myhrad, don't fall for the shinies...Don't bring your dignity down to that of a pixie *sob* Noooooooo....


Awwwwwwww, poor myhrad. Resist the temptation, RESIST THE TEMPTATION!!! DONT FALL FOR THE RED LEAFY THING, IT WILL ONLY BRING YOU BAD (maybe) FORTUNE!!. Little Myhrad is soooooo cute!

Bubbles says:


Lone Star says:

humans, that's who. BAD HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS! BAD!!!

Thekid-cat says:

NOOOOO! That can't be a real butterfly!

JuneBug says:

Don't do it, Myhrad!

TheNextTaggerung says:

Don't jump!!

hailstorm says:


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