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Timon says:

well.. at least the kidnappers have a bit of humor =)

Flora says:

Somone is very unhappy. I like the smoke coming from the nose.

Kikuru says:

He's Steamed ;P

JonMW says:

Those farmers are probably being foolhardy...

tilyene says:

ooooh, someones pissed. this is so awesome. alien, your panels are so descriptive. its different, and so nice to see... and i cant wait to see what happens next.

Greyman says:

It's not so much a sense of humor as it is a deliberate goad into blind rage. Blind rage makes falling for traps so much easier.

Tribble says:

That is one unhappy pappy.

sjon says:

Looks like blue dad noticed his kid was missing. (or else he just spiced up the pig too much :) )

Squeakers says:

oh wow I can't wait to see where this goes.

crazyninny says:

Ummm... Form cute to GRRAAA!!! That is very good art!

Moonclaw says:

Wow, this is exallent, poor Myhrad, he/she bait to draw his/her's parents to the farmers. !_!

Elys says:

is that a catapult? Do they really intend to fight a dragon like that?
... ::worried::...

Kaye says:

This is seeming to go a bit over board...I mean really, one sheep isn't THAT hard to replace. I doubt they need to go through all this trouble.

Sitara says:

Where'd the pig come from? I'm sure it was more than one sheep those farmers are getting revenge for. Goading a dragon into a blind rage is a bad, bad idea, though. Who knows what else would burn?

I'm loving the art. It's amazingly descriptive...ever considered publishing a picture book, Alien and Mith?

sjon says:

Yep, an IOU notice sometimes bites back.

Chevette Girl says:

This segment has been a fabulous example of a picture being worth 1000 words, beautiful job on explaining the story without needing the dialogue... well done :)

Empress Catriona of the Cat-Elves says:

Mushrooooom cloud! yay! Can I eat mushroom clouds? Daddy dragon in the last panel looks scary.

Tabyathe says:

Never have I seen such expression without words. This storyline is absolutely wonderful. I'm anxious to see the next episode!

Pulsy says:

- Whoa Dragonfury! To the catapults! Hide the women and children! And the sheep and the pigs too!

xKiv says:

I surely hope they don't manage to kill the dragon.
Unless they have something *far* *far* *far* more powerful than shown here.
The traditional way to kill a dragon is: take a knight in full armor, seat him on horse, arm with spear/lance and - full speed drive head on the dragon!
This involves some 200+kg of mass travelling at, say 10 m/s (36km/h).
All that (kinetic) energy concentrated in a spearhead *does* kill a dragon. Barely. No modern handheld gun has that much punchpower.
Some amateur-built-catapult thrown boulders don't even come close.
Aaand, if killing a dragon is something easy enough for a determined village to do, then all dragons would be extinct long, long, long ago.

xKiv says:

Ooops, that was way too long.
Take the length to show how much do I feel about the dragons' survival.

NekoHitori says:

well well. if it isn't another physics nerd ^-^
i agree, though. in order for any of those weapons to penetrate a dragon's armor, they have to me launched at a high initial velocity and continue to accelerate. the rocks, with a lack of a small point (i.e. it has greater surface area and less overall force on a certain point) will need an even greater velocity, something that cannot be achieved by an oversized slingshot!
of course, that's assuming that the humans don't know where the dragon's weak point is--if he even has one.

Mithandir says:

Well what the catapult wannabe needs to achieve si to convert enough potential energy into kinetic. One has to account for the tensile strength of wood and then .... Man, I\'m tempted to build a whole pseudoscience how-to on the killing of dragons now :) Oh, and like most fathers the dragon does have a weak point, but the humans already got that.

Onissarle says:

A dragon in flight is very vulnerable to any form of attack that could foul, break, or tear its wings. Put enough holes in the membranes or break its wing fingers and all you have to do is sit back and watch it fall. If its wings are rendered more or less useless when it's hundreds of feet off the ground... I don't think I need to elaborate on the impact damage that would be suffered by something that big.

Then the villagers could finish off the severely wounded and significantly crippled dragon at their leisure in any number of ways.

Failing that, maybe they're just hiding a siege balista behind a tree.

Pulsy says:

Just get one of those age-of-empires catapult that shoots giant arrows. One of those right through it's heart, and byebye dragon. I really don't wanna see the dragon die, but seeing how Myrhad ends up with leaf and the gang, i'm pretty sure it will... :(

Dragonmaster says:

Don't be so sure. Notice how Myhrad's cage isn't nearby. It's possible that they took him far away.

They might have plated the I.O.U. as a 'scent trap' of sorts. One group of people place the IOU and take Myhrad, then wait at the trap. Then another group takes Myhrad away. Maybe to sell him or something....
Anyways, Myhrad's dad might be so angry he won't think straight, and if the farmer's don't kill him (which is rather likely), he'll torch them, scorching the ground and destroying the scent trail to Myhrad.

kokopelli says:

how do you play the maze game??

Sitara says:

What happened to the gold, though? Did the father dragon scorch it, or just drop scorched organic matter all over it? If the gold was scorched, dragon fire must be unbelievably hot. Would even the chemicals creating the scent trail to the battle-ready kidnappers remain under such conditions?

On the other hand, dragons probably have good eyesight. Birds of prey usually do, and dragons probably have to find food while flying, too. The kidnappers would have to hide Myhrad to prevent the father from going straight to him.

Shadow Firelaw says:

Beware of dragons, fo you are crunchy and good with catsup.

Phoebe says:

Don't the poor dragon, please, I beg of you...spare them... NOTE: I get very emotional aboutr such things. Don't be alarmed.

iakim says:

very very goood!!!!!

Bubbles says:


Thekid-cat says:

Daddy probably thinks "HEY! Don't do that! I hate you, humans!"

JuneBug says:


JuneBug says:

Cool angery dragon in panel six, btw. I love the way he flares his tail.

hailstorm says:

u made mommy mad

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