Dragon fight
Chasing the Sunset
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FFVII_TheHighwind says:

wow first comment ever ^^ anyway great art great site and love the new comic, those dragons are no dummys

Black Mantha says:

It looks like they used Myhrad to prevent dad from using his breath weapon. They're in trouble now.

Michelle says:

Oooh, the flames in the third panel look awesome! :D

Mimir says:


tilyene says:

ooohhh.! please dont die! please dont die! how sad! :(:(

ForceUser says:

So.. who;s up for fried humans?

JonMW says:

Forget blood being thicker than water in this case, I want those humans to fry.

Moonclaw says:

Woot! Go momma dragon! Two is always better then one, one to distract the persons and the other to resuce your baby. nice job, keep up the good work!

remmon says:

if they run now, they might just get away.

Now they're too late though.

Dragonmaster says:


Flora says:

Dont you hate it when humans think they are on the top of the food chain? That we are superior to everything else. If we were left in this world alone without all our gadgets, cars, weapons we would be just quick snacks. Not to mention some animals have superior skills and brain function than we will.

Oopps... Got a little carried away. Ill hush now.

dragon egg says:

KILL HUMANS!!!!!! GO MAMA DRAGON!!! FRY THEM!!!! FRY, FRY, FRY!!!!!! DIE HUMANS DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!! you suck anyway..... go dady dragon! save the poor baby! se him in the cage just looking at his dad like 'i love you dady! thank you' so cute! ^_^ and mama dragon should kill stupid humans!

Shadow Firelaw says:

Repeating what I have already said.
Beware of dragons for you are crunchy and kood with catsup.

Shadow Firelaw says:

Repeating what I have already said.
Beware of dragons for you are crunchy and good with catsup.
Darn humans, spoiling the balance of the universe.

Eikan says:

Warning: the light at the end of the tunnel might be an oncoming dragon...and if it's this one, it *won't* be happy to see you..

BenneyChaos says:

hmmm... so quick to judge the humans as being evil and ruining things. They are a part of nature just as much as the elves and dragons. They too have their part to play in this tale.

Frantic says:

yeah a part,
Like in the delusion that we are on top of the food chain you mean.
We are not that on earth and even less in the authors world.

Like in universaly stupid

Coyote says:

Worms are at the top of the food chain. :)

Winter_Raven says:

I agree completely.

Stormdancer says:


Phoebe says:


GO DRAGONS!! Save myhrad, save him! BOOO HUMANS.

Flaming Mono says:

Well, Flora, keep in mind, that while dangerous pointy and poisonous things are animals gifts, that would surely kill us, remember that our intelligence is our gift, allowing us to make guns and cars and whatnot. Taking away that stuff is like taking away a tiger's claws, brute amazing strength, and teeth.

Ramani says:

I'm gonna find out what < a > does.

What's it do?

Ramani says:

Okay... That was like, nothing...

Lone Star says:

Kill the humans! Kill the humans! They go well with hamsteak! And they stole all yer gold!!!

JuneBug says:

Save the baby!

...I hope the other dragon will be ok, though.

pendraco says:

Um... Human intelligence?... Oxymoron there... note how most inventions we come up with are to kill each other... it's kinda sad

TheNextTaggerung says:

kind of like military intelligence.
Any military people reading this, please don't flame me.

hailstorm says:


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