Chasing the Sunset
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Winter_Raven says:


Winter_Raven says:

Shot. I got first in as well.

Mimir says:

Hmmmmm... Is that... his father?

Flora says:

Sure looks like it. And is that the mage or warloc or whatever that caused the flood?

eekee says:

Leaf's a cute kid. :)

Pulsy says:

Wow, seems that dragon just keeps flying: from the forests to the snowy mountains. Still i wonder who the dark dude is...

ivellios says:

i think the mage is going to try and teleport myrad and something interupts him and myrad is teleported to leaf

FragFrog says:

Ooooh, so cute little leaf! :D
I wonder what that mage is doing though, circle of candles usually means messy summoning ritual, surely can't be little myhrad he's after? And whatever happened to big blue (father?) dragon? *keeps refreshing page like crazy for next 2 days*

Black Mantha says:

It's a circle of runes with candles inbetween. I think it's just a focus for a magical ritual. If you try summoning you don't stand INSIDE the circle. Must be the mage trying to cause rain.

Feldar says:

Why rain? Because Muphy's Law will try to put out the candles?

Kitten says:

Oooooh. This is exiting.

adae says:

awww.. look at baby Leaf...

Dragonmaster says:

No, he's not trying to put out the candles. Though that would be amusing...

Dragonmaster says:

Wait a second....
The beginning comic said that Leaf's father was washed away in a flash flood 'from the mountains'

Dragonmaster says:

My guess is the mage is summoning a storm which causes the flash flood.
I typed up my whold idea, but it didn't post and I'm too lazy to type it again ^_^

crazyninny says:

So is dragon daddy...Dead?...

Mithandir says:

For those of you who haven\'t been following from the start (or have forgotten), check out these two strips to understand better: #1 Backstory 1 - an elven boy #75 The bard\'s tale

Flora says:

Mweee Thats what I thought... But that means im not so terrible at guessing...

DarkFlame says:

So my guess is that the wizard will summon a flood which will knock Myrhad away from his parent, and land the cage somewhere near Leaf while Leaf's father gets carried away by the flood.

Skarlog says:

Whaa! I only found this comic yesterday! It's not fair! It ended too soon, now I have to wait *pouts*

Issy says:

My dears... your story has cheered my day since the first time I wandered by. I look forward to each update. I hope all is well for you two!

Moonclaw says:

Oh,no! Its that wizard! Aww, look, its little leaf, how cute!

crazyninny says:

Wait a minute!! He not only a mage, HE'S A ELF!! O_O

drogon egg says:

so I think that the dragon father is already dead, and the father will be killed in the flood, and myred is almost killed but got so much watter inside him that it dowsed his fire so he can't breath fire.

dragon egg says:

look at leaf he's so cute! ^_^!!!

Sacrath says:

Is it just me or does leaf have monkey-long arms in frame 5?

Moonclaw says:

crazyninny is right the mage is an elf! I thought he was human!

Black Mantha says:

I think that we're about to find out why Myrad is afraid of heights.
Adn I wonder why mom hasn't opened the cage yet. I know I wouldn't double the weight I'm carrying on long distances.

JonMW says:

That durn "missed strips" thing doesn't work for me, right now it says I've missed 213 strips!
(When , of course, there isn't even 1 new strip since last time I was here.)

EdorFaus says:

JonMW: I'll assume you went back and looked at the archives? That "missed strips" thing doesn't look at the latest strip you've ever visited, it looks at the last strip you visited... So if you visit strip 75 and then come straight back here, it sees that the last strip you saw was that 213 strips ago... and tells you so. Makes it easier to go through the archive from start, even if you've been reading later strips first.
To get rid of it, just refresh. :P

... says:

Mother Dragon: "Locksmith, locksmith... Can't find one when you need one! I gotta update my Yellow Pages!"

Little Leaf? Must be Bud! *rimshot*

remmon says:

She's a dragon... She could just rip the cage apart, no need for a locksmith.

And it's probably just a bolt keeping the front of the cage in place.

Dragonmaster says:

The dragon's wings are a bit small... That kinda bugs me.

Phoebe says:

Awwwwww....Leaf still looks like a girl.... oojeeboojee...

Lady Sol says:

Wow, Leaf is like an exact replica of his dad, though it may be even harder to tell that his dad is male

Bubbles says:


Bubbles says:

randomity (^:

Ramani says:

Randomness Rules


Ramani says:

If there were no weird people, the world wouldn't be interesting. That's why I'm here! :)

Ramani says:

Leaf is SO DANG CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramani says:

...But he looks like a girl.

Lone Star says:

cool mage...
Whatever a mage is.

Bubbles says:

heh blah

Thekid-cat says:

Cute! Young Leaf!

JuneBug says:

Leaf is a baby! ALL babies look like that! (Well, you know what I mean...)

hailstorm says:

at first i thout leaf had a little sister or something

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