Storm rising
Chasing the Sunset
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Flora says:

Aww to cute

tilyene says:

first comic! whooo! :)

this is aweosme :) tho im afraid im going to see myhrad's parents die :(

Flora says:

Woot first comment

tilyene says:

doh. i emant comment. and i wound up bein second.

heres to bein tired ^_^

sjon says:

Chaos theory at work, just the fluttering of a butterfly gets a storm brewing (btw is that the same butterfly that Myhrad was chasing?). So the storm and rain had nothing to do with the elf-wizzard

Moonclaw says:

Oh,no! Poor Leaf's dad...poor Leaf. Awsome strip,love the first 2 panels, their so cute!

Dragonmaster says:

Mommy dragon looks confused...

Silverwolf says:

(Myhrad's mom): Uh, air traffic control, I'm running out of visual distance, going to need to fly on instruments here...

smoak says:

huh, never noticed before, but the butterfly has the same colors as myhrad

crazninny says:

I think I'm gona cry...

Eraikei W. O. says:

Oh my God, that is so cute! I just love the way Leaf is cuddling into his father like that. Now we know why Leaf wears that dress-like outfit... o.o So kawaii! ^_^

Beacon says:

Can't help but notice that the butterfly's colors are the same as Myhrad.

adae says:

Storm rising is a title of a book by Mercedes Lackey. Its a good book though you should read Arrows of the Queen first.

Uh-oh here comes the storm. Hmm I just realized the mage here is kinda like Urtho: Mage in a tower calling up storm that will go out of control...

I like the first and second frames. I like the butterfly!^_^

Midget says:

AWWW! I luffs panels 1 and 2!!!! But I dun wanna see Leaf's mommy and daddy die!

Ladyfox says:

I'm sorry Adae, Urtho would not have called up a storm he couldn't control... Ma'ar on the other hand- would have- he had no problem with doing things like that, whether (or Weather?) or not his own people were in the way... ;)

Sorry-- had to put my $.02 worth in.. :D

Pixie Slayer says:

$.02? Is that after tax or before?

Don't worry, Midget. You've already seen Leaf's mother die, and nobody now really believes Leaf's father did!

Zayfod says:

Isn't that the tower Furies where in?
I feel ominousness...

patchwork zombie says:

the butterfly is FEIHT

Bubbles says:

Uhhh... I haven't read for a long time cos I was at a week long summer camp.

Ramani says:

The butterfly isn't Feiht.

Leaf is SO CUTE! >.

Ramani says:

In last comment, >. was supposed to be >.

Ramani says:

CRUD! It keeps getting messed up!

Lone Star says:

What's kawaii mean?

blackmagicgirl says:

I thought the blue one was the mother- she has no fangs

JuneBug says:

Kawaii means cute.

hailstorm says:

its the same wazerd they where going to see when they met the grphons

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