Chasing the Sunset
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Flora says:

Awww... they survived another night. Cuteness

Mad-MonKey says:

I'm trying to imagine what the elves seeing this sight must be thinking now.... most of the stuff ain't too nice though :P

Killer Wombat says:

So, a dragon makes a good pillow?

JonMW says:

A warm-blooded dragon?

Dark Flame says:

I'm guessing it's not "aww, cute" like everyone has been posting these last weeks.
So we know the rest of the story from here. Ah well, it was a nice way to find out about their past.

Paul Logasa Bogen II says:

Of course Dragons are Warm-blooded just like birds and dinosaurs :-P

eekee says:

I recognise those looks.

Squeakers says:

That is just so adorable!

crazyninny says:

Aww. Zzzzzzzzzz.

I hope you two will have many more aniversarys in the future! (or the past....or the present... or in a parall world. Take your pick.)

Eikan says:

*glompage* Happy Anni'! *gives you pop rocks for a present* ^_^;

Moonclaw says:

Awww! That is just sooo cute!

GG Crono says:

GG Crono says:


Dersi says:

Somehow that feels a bit sad... and cute

JonMW says:

Hmm, no variable line thickness on this one.. Practicing on non-comic things?

dragonegg says:

the elfs must be thinking, 'oh no! leaf's been captured by an evil dragon!!!!' or 'so we've been lookinh for him for the last cauple days expecting the worst... and we find him save and soud with a friend...'

Phoebe says:

Elves: What..the...HECK...

AnyaStyrzod says:

Oooo, this would make a really cute desktop!!

bookbook says:

Awwww. This warms you up like butterbeer in Harry Potter.

AnyaStyrzod says:

Have you had butterbeer?

Bubbles says:

Wattuzza wood thought bubble tree thingies?

Umm... says:

Myhrad looks much bigger here than the other ones... cute though... good night

Blakc*magic*girl says:

most...adorable... I'm touched... :>)

Thekid-cat says:

So cute... cute... cute! *falls into cuteness coma*

TheNextTaggerung says:

Elves: Are you sure that was water we drank?

hailstorm says:

and here we are

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