The end of the story
Chasing the Sunset
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Killer Wombat says:

Nice Dress.

tilyene says:


thats so awesome. typical ayne!!!!

Cricket666 says:

Ayne: Yeah, it's a nice dress, but don't make me rip it to chase you down and kick your ***!

eekee says:

"Ayne, NO!" *sigh* If I was Leaf I'd be quite cross with Ayne right now, but then I suppose I wouldn't really have a good reason.

Btw happy aniversary Alien & Mithandir! A belated wish, I know, but I wanted to wish you a happy aniversary anyway.

Ladyfox says:

Oh bright Heavens! I LOVE it! I would react much the same way - fancy dress or no...

Kitten says:

Nice dress, and I love the sweet look on Ayne in frame 5. You can really see how strong she is in the last picture. Nice.
Love the story! May it go on forever...

Phoebe says:

King Dude: Eek and stuff!

fashionvictim says:

man that is a nice dress.!

Phoebe says:

I was just reading the Amazon chapters, and there are some things to look for that will foreshadow future plot twists: Ayne' skin will begin to become a pale shade of blue.
Ayne will start wearing a red or blue necklace.
Strangle bluish people will start passing them on the street.

crazyninny says:

Anye... In a lovely dress? Oh, its to much! *faints*

Pulsy says:

it's text :|

midgee says:

p[oor human gets the living **** beat out of him...oh well...he deserves it for putting them under temporary, erm, castle arrest.

yay ayne!!

Midgee says:





Solo_Baka says:

I love the dress and I love the way that she over reacts and is overly protective of Leaf. Never anger an easily angered Elf XD

Fia says:

Now I will require an Ayne-in-awesome-green-dress wallpaper!! :D

Dragonmaster says:

3 things.

A) Ayne in a dress.... o.O about as common as me in one (I'm a tomboy, yo!)
B)*singsing* Ayne like Leeaf! Ayne likes Leeaf!
C) How much you wanna bet the Feight will steal the jewel and corwn as soon as she sees the dress? Earrings, too.

Dragonmaster says:

Argh. Can't type today.

CCB says:

she's dressed to kill!

GoddessOfEmus says:

OMG I WANT THAT DREESSSSS lol, and i love how protective she is.

Dersi says:

sjon says:

*cuddles Ithildin*
Leaf just needs a draconic hug.

Moonclaw says:

Heh, wow,Ayne is quick to temper, I kind of forgot about that. I wonder if there's a warning somewhere that states:Warning do not get this elf made. I might be the last think you do for a long time. Great strip, love Ayne's dress.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:


Empress catriona of the Cat People says:


GG Crono says:

Awww, isn't it nice how protective she is?

Nice dress, too.

SnowPowder says:

wow.. esto es muy lindo. gracias por compartir tus ideas con el mundo.

Dark Flame says:

I especially like the line, "why is he crying, human?" It sounds like a bit of racism. We hadn't seen Ayne in so long that I forgot how she acted, yikes.

OWKtree says:

King's Journal: Note to self. Do not annoy female amazon elves.

4WindsWanderer says:

"dressed to kill"?(-CCB)
On the contrary, those clothes would be very unwieldy for combat -- but I guess that doesn't stop Ayne ... "Why is he crying, human?!" *smiles wryly*

bookbook says:

See, this is why I love you guys so much. One minute we're in love with a beautiful picture of Leaf and Myrhad, then we laugh at a portrait of typical Ayne.

Bastet says:

For the people who don't know spanish...
SnowPowder is saying: this is very pretty. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world.
Or something like that, anyways....

Bastet says:

Since Myhrad started that, how did end up Leaf ending it?

Bubbles says:

Soy Burbujas no insulto Burbujas o usted conseguirį un burro que chilla, yo!

Umm... says:

don't sneeze!!! LOL!!! ACHUUU

Lone Star says:


Thekid-cat says:

Pretty dress! I love it!

Thekid-cat says:

Never make an amazon Ayne mad!

Thekid-cat says:

”Bastante! ”Pienso que usted puede desear intentar no hacer Ayne Ni'dhilti enojado!

hailstorm says:

whoa boobeys

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