Fragile colors
Chasing the Sunset
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Pixie Slayer says:

ha! first comment. No comic to see just yet though.

Qzole says:

hm... that's why I iddn't send comments, what can you comment on a comic which you can't see? :P:P
Other than it's not there, but probably will be.
Anyway, intresting title :)

Pixie Slayer says:

Can't say anything, but do you know how many late nights I've stayed up hoping to get that?

Qzole says:

I don't, it's 8 AM here :P

Pixie Slayer says:

It's 2 AM here. I think the comment usually gets up around three ish, but I've never seen it in this stage of getting up anyway.

Qzole says:

Well I was also suprised, when i was ill and stayed home, so I could watch the new comic coming, and then, I also thought that there may be some problem, becouse I couldn't see the comic (it was with the comic before the previus), but it should be up in any minute

Qzole says:

But one more thing to comment on, is both Lady cynthia and Feith appears in this strip, I wonder if they'll be around the flower, if yes, well then...trouble :)

Mithandir says:

Up now. Sorry about that, I need to fix the scripts.

Qzole says:

No problem
Wonder where feith got those jewelry and stuff, wait, no I don't want to know it ;P

Qzole says:

uhm feith-->Feiht

Pixie Slayer says:

ohhh... nice dangerous witchy lady... looks like the flower's not the only thing that's fragile right now...

Moonclaw says:

Looks like Feiht has a small pixie-sized fortune. Great strip. I can't wait to see the flower bloom.

JonMW says:

That's got to be the most placid that we've ever seen feiht, (when conscious).
But I wonder... I doubt that there are enough colours for all the different philsophies. Eventually, as more people took increasingly close shades of colours to wear, you would get more and more confusion between groups.
In the end, either total chaos (and the abandonment of the colour system) or complete redistribution. Or something. I have no idea what point I'm trying to make here.

Pumpkin says:

FEIHT! And shinies!!
Don't worry Mith and Alien, I noticed the rest of the strip too. ^^ Very nice job, and only 1 day, 14:59:xx to go until the next strip...

Pumpkin says:

I read the news below... wow. Just, wow, ya know? So descriptive, it's like the first paragraph of a fantasy novel that has me hooked right away.

Is there more?

dragonqueencr says:

chances are Feight will steal the flower. or Lady Cynthia will try to stop her with income taxes

dragonqueencr says:

oh yeah and The Lady will probably talk to Lady Cynthia

harpersong says:

I wonder what the colors our two favorite elves are wearing means...and what people are automatically assuming about them because of the colors...

Pulsy says:

I hope the flower doesn't get shiny when it blooms ... might be no flower left :S

Mithandir says:

Pumpkin: Yes and no. There\'s more but I don\'t like it much and am stuck.

Empress catriona of the Cat People says:

I get this strange feeling that Feiht's about to bring disaster... Ah, I remember the name of that feeling, it's ANTICIPATION! The pixie is back! Wheee!

Marz says:

Y'know, Feiht seems to be the embodyment of chaos. Whenever she shows up, I can just picture her with the power to cause spontanious combustion....

Trelweny says:

Well, at least if they're wearing the colors of their philosophies there isn't any doubt where they stand... I suppose.
But what if the weavers or cloth merchants or tailors or dressmakers decide that they will change everyone's opinions to theirs by not offering any color but the one that matches THEIR philosophy? @_@ Could be interesting.
That's a really good point, harpersong. The king picked Leaf's but his daughter picked Ayne's... she was probably kinder in choosing a 'philosophy' for the elf. King probably went 'ooo. Fury red eyes... red is warning... let's put the potentially scary, yet obviously sweet elf in something fiery red!'
by the way, anyone know why we move the 'e' when going from 'fire' to 'fiery'? That's never made sense to me!

Skreyola says:

LEAF: I suppose we should just be glad she doesn't have the power to make things spontaneously combust.
FEIHT: Oh, but I do. (sets something on fire)
AYNE: (smacks leaf in the head)

Romkira says:

Now would people like me wear patchworked multi-colored clothing on purpose to drive everyone crazy?
Or just go without....

The Werepixie says:

nice. wow, feiht seems soooo calm here... what's she doing? ooh! eavesdropping!

patchwork zombie says:

just read the rogues of Clwyd Rhan and got
to where they borrowed feiht awsome story

Lia Flame says:

I was just looking at the colors that Leaf and Ayne were wearing, and thinking about the whole philosophy of color. Ayne is wearing green, the color of life. sort of fits, if she isn't in a temper. Leaf is even more interesting. he is wearing red. this is the color of anger, and also the color of the furies. coincidence? i don't think so.
Although, red can also symbolize love, as in a red rose. so can a yellow rose. leaf is wearing red, and has yellow hair. just thought i'd point that out.

Lia Flame says:

to add to my previous comment: feiht is also wearing green, the color of life. hmmm...well, at least green isn't shiny. the funny thing is that, as an amazon, Ayne is part fey, and she's wearing the same color as feiht. hehe

Bubbles says:

Lady Cynthia's approaching!

Lone Star says:

What does purple mean? In the philosophy i mean.

JuneBug says:


JuneBug says:


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