Doth be sneaky
Chasing the Sunset
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trixingee says:

wheeee, first comment again! ^^ this be a happy pixie now ^^ *does first comment pixie dance before flying off with all the shinies on the site*

Black Mantha says:

Well, at least she left the cookies.
I'm still waiting for Feint to steal that belt.

Squeakers says:

I wuv Feiht! So I am glad she is back after getting many shinies!

Moonclaw says:

I knew it! She was spying on them...was Feiht trying to take the fire? Great strip I liked it.

Pulsy says:

But if she steals a second heap toghether and adds it to the first pile, it's still only one shinie ! So she'll need more and more piles and it'll all still only be one shinie ! Oh noes !!

Irish Drinker says:

Awsome, truly awsome story you got here guys. Glad that its still going :) Love reading it when you post Keep up the good work!!

Kaiou says:

Feiht is gonna give away her location to the others that is great.

Sitara says:

So THAT's why moths go after fire. They're pixies in stealth mode!

Does this mean "that witch lady" knows about the flower?

augdog20 says:

no duh she dose and it wichis bel that is shine no the fire

Xander says:

I would assume everybody knows about the flower.... After all, that's what this party was originally about, even if nobody seems to casre about it.

Heh, though. "Moths are pixies in stealth mode." Brilliant!

UechiFighter says:

haha..."everything is play!" so true, so true. The world is a ginat playground, full of things to set on fire....ahhhhh....

patchwork zombie says:

pixie charecter development

Queenie J says:

Pixie mathematics. "But one heap of shinies is really just one shiny." Did Lady Cynthia's hairstyle change, or is it just me?

Lia Flame says:

a fire isn't really SHINY, it's just bright and yellow. there's a difference, feiht.

Ygirl says:

you're right, Lia Flame, a fire isn't shiny. and i like the bit of pixie mathematics.

John Olson says:

Y'know, that woman uses far too many "doth"s. Way more than anyone who grew up using the word would. It comes across as pretty phoney, but then she's clearly up to no good here, so that makes sense.

Phaeth says:

I like Feiht! She's smart. :D

Lae says:



Cerulean Lion says:

Witch-Lady should know better.
Tell the Pixie it's play and send her to the other end of the garden to hide.

Qzole says:

I think waht augdog20 said is true (if you can understand it ^^) that feiht is going after Lady Cynthia's shinies.
And I'm also wondering that will she use the "income taxes" trick again? :P
She would surely give away her position then, couse feiht would surely scream :D

Odo says:

My bet is that the "shiny" was the necklace, not the belt. A belt is only cloth, not "shiny" in the same way that beads are.

And Mith, Alien. Worth the wait, but we want more, more!

Pixie Slayer says:

Hey... her belt's not glowing anymore!

Ninja Girl says:

If real math were like pixie math I would have an A in that class. I like it, I realy like it. and I don't care what everyone else thinks, fire can be shiny. End of story.

The Werepixie says:

i like it! i don't know, fire can be shiny ... *_* i'm glad pixies haen't been introduced to the joys of pyromania yet.

blazerflare says:

Pixies might have burned down flamable things in the past, but I personally think that if they did it was by accident because of all the destruction it would do to the residents, shinies, and other stuff pixies like.

Bubbles says:

I GOTRa read nzt cmic no tnimey fro peporeo sleppign!

JuneBug says:

"But everything is play!"

JuneBug says:

Feiht was talking about the fire, Odo.

Absconder says:

Ah, pixie philosophy. So simple, yet explanatory of all that pixies say, think, and do. I love it!

aj26 says:

it's weird how similar pixies and me are but how different we are as well.

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