Courteous Diplomats
Chasing the Sunset
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Prestedigitation says:

I like how Sohac seems to be poking out of Rhymes clanched fist in the last panel.

Prestedigitation says:

Erm, I meant clenched. And first comment?! The world must be ending!

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Well how ELSE are you supposed to keep a pixie out of trouble?

Sitara says:

Embassy? Do the Amazons have an embassy or is it a general one for any foreign dignitaries?

InBetween says:

Keep a pixie out of trouble? Ladyfox7oaks, pixies ARE trouble.

watermelons says:


watermelons says:


Tensko says:

"credencals are threats of war..." nice move Ayne.

Chariset says:

What is Rhyme eating? Candied peas?

And I wouldn't mind seeing Rhyme get aggressive. I'm sure she could defend herself quite well if attacked.

Karacan says:

Hahaha... the dwarven diplomatic talk in panel #5 is awesome. "We are going to be nice to you because we don't know how much you could whack us" is a lovely reason for admitting her.

Dark Dragon says:

why is the room shaped like a triangle...? Do triangles have some kind of significance to dwarves? it wise to hold a pixie like Rhyme appears to be doing in the last panel?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Dark Dragon: Remember, in the mountains space is always at a premium. You can't just tunnel willy-nilly through the mountain, you have to preserve structural integrity. Sometimes you have to make odd shapes to keep the mountain from falling down on itself.

*Skittles* says:

I wish my room was triangle-shaped.

bonrunner says:

Triangles might have special significance to the dwarves due to their intrinsic sturctural stabiliy: you can't deform a triangle without actually bending one of the sides. This is why structural tresses are made out of triangular sections.

lylia123 says:

That is a seriously awesome helmet in panel 4.

Fiore says:

I'd guess Rhyme is eating grapes, and drinking something in a small goblet.

Bonrunner is quite right. Triangles are used in architecture and/or construction for that exact reason. My best mate is an architecture major, so I occasionally get to hear interesting stuff.

hkmaly says:

Actually, comparing first and third frame, it seems more like squared room and perspective.

bookbook says:

Wait a minute! I forgot
That from now on, I swear,
Only speak in sweet rhyme
That is lovely and fair.

Okay, so I'm a pretty
Ear-cracking poet,
And I pity the people who
Still do not know it.

Oh wow, that was a really
Cliched rhyme.
I hope I won't do that
All the time.

bookbook says:

By the way, nice comic!
But please do not talk
About geometry,
For at that I balk.

(Right now that's what I'm studying
In math, you see.
That's why geometry
Is eeeeeeevil to me.)

Jynx says:

The prospect of a triangular room intrigues me...Maybe I'm wrong, but the angle in frame 1 doesn't appear to be ninety degrees, therefore, the room quite possible be a triangle. the ninety degree angle in frame 5 could make it a right triangle...The problem is that we really don't see enough of the room to make a conclusive argument, and I could very likely be wrong (I'm sick right now, and slightly delirious). Any math nerds want to discuss? ;-)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, now that I look at it, it could be either triangle or square depending on perspective. Square, well that's fairly common room, and dwarves are pragmatists. However, a triangle room could be more structurally stable, and could have a psychological bonus. This looks like a waiting room for visiting dignitaries, if they notice the triangular room, they might get suspicious/confused/etc.

bookbook says:

You can see that in panels
1 and 4
There's a right angle
As Ayne threatens war.

bookbook says:

(By the way, I have seen many
Santa Claus hats.
I wear a menorah hat.
So there! That's that!

It's blue and velvet.
Don't worry, it looks nothing
Like a flaming wig.

lylia123 says:

Is Sohac hiding behind the bowl of grapes?

Lone Star says:

ooooou i see london and i see france... I SEE RHYME'S UNDERPANTS!!!

Merry Holidays!!

JuneBug says:

"If for a better room,
I must declare war,
Bread I'll consume,
And sleep on the floor."
Great rhyme. :)

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