Rude Diplomat
Chasing the Sunset
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Adreanna says:

I love the shine on the runes in the second panel. Little details like that are what make this comic great to look at as well as interesting to read!

Me. says:

Figure out the rune code and read that. :D

Coyote says:

Heheh. "The flaws of magic are whimsical today."

Coyote says:

Also, the note beside the door to the "cleared out" elven embassy seems... revealing?

Coyote says:

(In more than the obvious meaning, I mean)

Alex says:

For those of us too thick to figure out the runes, could someone translate them?

Eraikei W. O. says:

Yeah, I agree with Alex. I don't exactly read runes...

EveryZig says:

Nobody said diplomats had to be diplomatic...

Mithandir says:

Hey nebra, did you get my mail reply? My mail si so unreliable I'm never sure ...

Kyameron says:

It makes me think of the gate into Mordor ^_^

InBetween says:

"Or, you could ask for directions..."

Qurqirish Dragon says:

Panel 2, on the left says "but you are still hungry" 5 points to whoever gets the reference (other than me, of course)
The glittery text in that panel is a little hard to make out on my monitor.
The 2nd to last character in the first line over the door in panel 6 seems incorrect, or does that rune have 2 possible transliterations?

Aebliss says:

He may be grumpy, but that dwarf has Ayne bang to rights! :D

Anya says:

Panel 5 on the left says 'the flows of magic are whimsical today.'

Anya says:

Panel 6 beside the door says 'this land already cleansed'. Above the door says 'for I have tasted the fruit' I think the panel two runes on the right say '-tay a while and m-ten'dashes are letters I can't make out.

Nightwatch says:

I remember knowing the runes . . my version of "The Hobbit" had the translation in the front of the dwarven runes.

xKiv says:

panel 2 on the right:
Stay a while and listen

Dark Dragon says:

Someone should write "Beware of Angry Elf" on the door to that room...WHEE! there's a birdy in the room!...if there are bars on the windows then how did the bird get in?

Aebliss says:

Maybe there's no glass in the windows, or the bird is living in captivity?

Chariset says:

"But you are still hungry is a reference to Chrono Trigger, where the characters can enter a device that gives them the equivalent of a full night's sleep.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Yeah Mith, I got your reply. I'm less of a hard-liner than I was in the past, but I won't start that discussion. ^_^''

Oh, and to all those who doubt dwarven hospitality: See? We even put trees and things in for the elves during their stay. We always treat our guests with the proper respect.

Jewelcast says:

"But you are still hungry"
"Stay a while and listen"
"The flows of magic are whimsical today"
"For I have tested the fruit"
"This land already cleansed"

Jewelcast says:

Sorry, meant to say 'tasted the fruit', but typod x.x

Nebra Reppalk says:

Isn't "The flows of magic are whimsical today." from Warcraft III?

bookbook says:

Ayne's quarters are
the best I've ever seen,
With the leaf so bright gold
And the trees so bright green.

Curse all those books
I just read in my lair
That told me to trust
Never a thing that's fair.

I wonder how they
Made the windows abound,
For I'm pretty sure they are
Far deep underground.

lylia123 says:

Yeah, don't the dwarves live under a mountain?

Skreyola says:

Cunningly carved shafts to bring in light. Bars thereon so the dwarves don't have to dig out the curious or the attempted escapees.

Alric says:

"Stay a while and listen" is from Diablo

Alex says:

Thankin' ye muchly :)

Osk says:

not to be a spoilsport, but on the topic of shadows: if Ayne has a lantern at headheight, shoulnd the shadow be longer than it is now in panel 1?

Sinity says:

wow havent left a comment for a loooong time.

I like how the dwarf admits he's rude. :)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Hey, we dwarves are a simple people. We like it direct and to the point.

Besides, the technical term is grumpy.

Khyrhon says:

Yep, the only one I recognize is "Stay a while and listen"...

Banarok says:

honestly you don't want to go and compete in comments text, commisioned have so many coments it take a while to load just to see them, its sick i think the just about hold the record

Mithandir says:

Yea, but commissioned has a far larger readership tahn we do. Only about a thousand people read CtS

Lee says:

"Kyameron says:
It makes me think of the gate into Mordor ^_^"

Um, you mean Moria.

bookbook says:

Yep, Lee, you're right-
The gate to Mordor was guarded
By two big evil birds
Who Sauron's kingdom warded.

Lupusdraconis says:

I haven't checked back here in a while, but upon rereading, I noticed that Ayne is gradually becoming quite gray.

Lone Star says:

it's the pixies. they are wearing her down

Lee says:

Actually I think the big evil birds guarded the Tower of Cirith Ungol, which was kind of the side entrance to Mordor. The main gate of Mordor was just huge and impenetrable.

Dark Dragon says:


I know I don't speak for everyone, but i hope I do when I say this, but the Best of Luck to Mr. Pratchett. If anyone can beat Alzheimers, he can. Besides, we could probly pay a few Nac Mac Feegle to steal the disease from him. :)

...waily waily waily.

LucyInTheSky says:

Is ayne turning blue? her skin looks darker and... blue-er. intentional?

Lee says:

"Dark Dragon says:

I know I don't speak for everyone, but i hope I do when I say this, but the Best of Luck to Mr. Pratchett."

Not much I can add to that, except: me too.

CoolHandNuke says:

I like how she sort of looks her age more in the last panel. She's only supposed to be in her early teens (in human years) right?

thefieryonionofDOOOM says:

Did I see a subtle reference to Star wars in panel 5?
Or is it me?
Probably me.

Storel says:

Why do they have more than one elven embassy?

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