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famout says:

awesome as always! surprised how happy she seems, although i am sure that will change fast enough.

alex says:

Ayne's skin is like stone now...

Sitara says:

That dress is gorgeous. Is it a new one, or was it from their last stay with royalty?

Ladyfox7oaks says:

Oh, that IS a lovely dress on her!

Osk says:

i wonder why she isnt worried about her skin

Sarkat says:

When did Ayne get grey?

Odo says:

About the grey. I have a feeling that it has something to do with becoming an amazon, and that it is *not*, in anyway an accident of coloring of the comic.

Ayne is dressed to stun, though, and I suspect that it's deliberate and that she was paying attention to Leaf's aunt all along.

Tensk1234 says:

love the Ayne's dress.

Pulsy says:

If there's no pixies, i wonder what that blob is in the first panel... Also, why is there no cursor in the comment window?

bookbook says:

mith and alien, can you just TELL us why her skin is gray?

Dark Dragon says:

blob in the first panel is a bird...
why is Ayne carrying her bow, arrows, and sword if she's going to a diplomatic meeting? Wouldn't they be forbidden?

Sparrow says:

I like this dwarf - "If you wish"
And Ayne's reasoning. "...short is good for dwarves..."

Baldric says:

Ayne looks really gorgeous in the second and fifth panels. Her hair and the size difference between her and the dwarf make her look a bit older than she really is (for an elf). Her skin is indeed beginning to look really strange.

I liked her interaction with the dwarf. Looks like Ayne wants to be both a fearsome warrior AND a lady that turns heads.

*Skittles* says:

I agree with Odo- I think she is turning blue!

Nebra Reppalk says:

Remember, sometimes you just have to let diplomats and officials hear what they want to hear. But only if it doesn't affect the good of the people.

Also, is it bad that I think it's natural to bring weapons to a diplomatic meeting? I mean, there's always the ceremonial "coming armed but laying aside your arms to show good intentions".

lylia123 says:

Maybe the dwarves allow weapons at diplomatic meetings?

Chariset says:

Are you going to tell Ayne she can't keep her bow and sword?

Anyway, it's an Amazon bow, so she could always say she needs it as part of her role as ambassador

bookbook says:

Nebra, you'd know
If the dwarves allow
Weapons at diplomatic meeetings
At the current (now).

Nebra Reppalk says:

I can't speak for all the clans. Despite being the same race, traditions can vary from clan to clan. My clan is one of the more militant, simply as a means of survival. The Iron Wall is a harsh place, lots of goblins, orcs, occasional mindflayer. Point is, weapons ensure personal safety where I'm from. If you force someone to give up their weapons, you're basically saying, "I don't trust you." It's considered an insult in my clan. With an ambassador we'd definitely let them keep their weapons at least nearby if not on their person. Sword doesn't do much good locked in your room twenty yards down the hall.

Remember, I'm only speaking for my clan. Traditions can vary from clan to clan, and I can't tell you about the dwarves in CtS.

lylia123 says:

That makes sense.

Aebliss says:

"Short is good for dwarves, right?" ...? Oh, dear. -_- You've disappointed me, Ayne; such specieist words ...

Lightwing k'Sheyna says:

Meh, it's been a while since I've been on....... D<
Anwayz, vury nice, the comic is coming along quite well. And yes, Ayne's skin is looking rather... stonelike now. Huh. o_o

Tensk1234 says:

I thinks she is so happy because the lack of pixies while she slept

Unigirl says:

Has anyone else noticed that Ayne's skin is getting more and more blue? Or is it just me?

InBetween says:

considering that there has been like a hundred comments on the subject, i would guess that some might have noticed

Alex says:

I can't really imagine dwarves banning weapons, not unless they'd like the courtesy returned when the tables turn.

Alex says:

Am I the only one who can't get into the pixie forest?

bookbook says:

My rules about arms, please,
Would be as follows: these-
(I won't say them in rhyme
'cause it just takes too much time.)
laying down weapons is a sign of trust-good news for both clans!
coming armed and not laying down weapons is a sign of mistrust-bad news for at least one clan.
asking people to lay down weapons is a subtle insult, and the ambassador will be slightly offended.
refusing to lay down weapons at all means bad feeling for at least 3 generations.
in other news, has anyone seen "The Golden Compass" movie? in the book, serafina pekkala ceremonially lays her bow at her side... but the bear doesn't lay his armor at his side... which is probably because his armor is his soul, so it doesn't count as a weapon.
wow that was a long comment o_o

Nebra Reppalk says:

My clan always keeps weapons nearby if not on our person. We just live in a dangerous place so we extend that courtesy to visitors. Besides, sometimes we have ancestor weapons, they're very important to us.


oh, that's the same dress she was wearing for the bard king's party.

Dark Dragon says:

Okay...that all makes sense...what do you do if the person is a weapon? (a la Star Wars Noghri?)...

I guess that also follows the rule of "Always carry a weapon or never do"

what do you do if you reaaaaaaally don't trust the person you are about to talk to?

Nebra Reppalk says:

Have more weapons and more people with more weapons.

Or, superior weapons. I'll take steel over a flint knife any day.

InBetween says:

Also, a bear is NEVER unarmed, mearly unprotected. Kinda like a dwarf or a troll in that matter...

Dark Dragon says:

or a dragon... ^-^
...more weapons are good too...
*swats anime sparklies*

Ebeth says:

oh ayne :D that is a very odd skin color though...it might have something to do with turning blue but it seems a bit out of the way...but idk


haven't seen the movie version of the golden compass yet, but for anyone who hasn't read the books, you absolutely have to. they are amazing.

bookbook says:

What d'you do if a person's
a person-weapon meld?
Simply read the Uglies trilogy
by Scott Westerfeld!

Dark Dragon says:

Grenades? ^_^
if the person is a person-weapons meld then you should ask them very nicely to wait outside. If for some reason this is not a viable option, then simply (and secretly) assign a sniper to keep an eye on them in case of trouble...

Jynx says:

Why trust others? If I got asked to lay my weapons aside, I would make absolutely sure I had a lot more potent ones on my person...They probably wouldn't ask for a whole weapon search. I mean, curtacy does apply here.

juneBug says:

Ayne looks really pretty in panel two.
Ah, the wonders of a good nights sleep.

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