Chasing the Sunset
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Heh. The dragon is turning into Ed Grimley: “We’re doomed as doomed can be!”

Retiarius says:

Sorry about that last post, the Nickname and Site fields are so far to the right as to be hard for me to notice. :/

kickme says:

Two rebelling dwizarf factions (:

tensko1234 says:

this would be a good time to hide in the corner...Ayne taking charge

-Norbert- says:

I love all those small little details.
Untill now, I didn't even notice Ayne's foot to get injured, but when I looked back, I noticed she was hurt there when kicking the dwaft in #476.
And somehow Ayne facial expression in panel 6 reminds me very much of Feiht....

Alex says:

Thats a good point really does...

eekee says:

"Rrrrreallly now?" :DDD

Lee says:

Whoops. "stubourn" should read "stubborn".

Nebra Reppalk says:

I suppose I'm going to go on a rant here. Just because dwarves are Lawful-Good doesn't mean we're a lot of sheep. Well, at least from my perspective anyway.

It's just my opinion that being Lawful Good means trying to do the most good for the most people. Not simply blindly following the law. Although anything I say I'm sure has been said before somewhere.


Ah, Ayne.. I can't hear you, but your tone of voice comes through loud and clear in that last panel. And frankly it scares me

hkmaly says:

Nebra: My opinion is that divide all beings (and creatures) to only nine possible class of behaviour means that each of said class contains lots of different behaviours.

If the dwarves were sheeps, they would simply NOT rebel. These dwizarfs are rebeling, so they are not sheeps. But they have little experience with rebeling. They know they should do something but don't know WHAT to do. And raid on the treasury is in fact common action for rebels ...

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Well, if the dwarves split into Led-By-Feiht and Led-By-Ayne factions, I think I'll have to head for the Led-By-Feihts. I've nothing against Ayne, you understand, but... let's just say my id is a whole lot stronger than my superego.

Dark Dragon says:

you gotta wonder though...will Myrahd just completely snap under the stress of it all and go completely evil/bonkers? That would be the side to be on methinks.

-Norbert- says:

Myrad? Of course he would be on the side of the faction, that lets him sleep undisturbed :)

Skreyola says:

Ayne's line in the last panel is very funny... and very scary. hehehe

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think part of my point is that you can rebel and still be a sheep. If you ever read The Babbitt (which I do not recommend. When I read it for a class the teacher had us skip chapters because it's so dull) There's a part where the main character, Babbitt, changes from his original held perceptions to a more "liberal" set of perceptions. While it may APPEAR that Babbitt is changing as a person, he is in essence only trading one set of beliefs for another. The fact that he switches back to his original set of beliefs reinforces this. So therefore yes, it is possible to rebel and be a sheep at the same time.

Jynx says:

Lol...that Babbitt thing just confused me. If you are rebelling for a cause you think is right, but normally wouldn't rebel for any other reason, doesn't that make you a rebellious sheep? Or maybe the dwarves just don't know what to do, or have never fought against other dwarves before.

Jynx says:

btw...I absolutely love Leaf's expression in panel 3.

Dark Dragon says:

umm...I guess it depends on whether you rebel because other people do/tell you to, or you honestly believe in what you're rebelling for.

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Who here knew that some people thought that Tolkien based the word "hobbit" off "Babbitt"? He didn't really base it off that, but I just felt like random trivia.

Elystriana says:

"We're Doomed" Whoot, I agree with Myrhad. Dwarves-led-by-pixie and dwarves-led-by-crazy-amazon-elf makes me think run-run far far away...

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, my great-great-grandfather was the leader of an anti-magic faction in the council nearly five centuries ago, however my second cousin twice removed was a highly notable rune smith roughly a century and a half ago. Then there was my third cousin and my uncle who were both clerics, whereas my grandfather was a warblade of the Iron Heart discipline. So as you can see, magic and martial skills are mixed in my family.

(Yes, I wrote this just to confuse all of you)

Chariset says:

What is the odd squiggly black thing by Ayne's feet?

Dark Dragon says:

rope that was probably meant to tie her down.

Jynx says:

This is going to turn into an all out war pretty soon, unless the non-rebelling dwarfs can be talked into giving in my Ayne's powers of *persuasion*
XD this is gonna be good...

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Nebra: Ah, you meant to confuse me? Well, I take my revenge: I PAID ATTENTION!
Firstly, what was the history of your great-grat-grandfather's faction? How did it work out? What happened?
On your second cousin twice removed: I wasn't aware that you could forge runes (magical ones, at least). I thought they had to be writte. How does it work?
What's a warblade? Is it like a warrior? If so, why can't they just SAY warrior? And what's the Iron Heart discipline?
And yes, that IS me who's laughing evilly in the background! How ever did you guess?

Kuyselle Goldword says:

Sorry for the misspellings on that last post. My computer is downloading something, and it's being really stupid.

hkmaly says:

Maybe the warblade is some title or rank ...

Nebra Reppalk says:

All right, all right I'll explain it.

My great-great grandfather represented a group of dwarves who were more or less extremely superstitious and as such did not trust any magic users whatsoever. As far as they were concerned, the less magic the better, let's go with steam punk.

A rune smith is a special prestige class from v. 3.5 of D&D. Normally, utilizing magic spells (non-divine spells anyway) is very difficult to do in armor. Restricts your movements and you have to make a bunch of crazy hand gestures or something. Anyway, dwarves like armor, we find it's useful for protecting things like organs and that. The solution is that wizards become rune smiths. Basically, they prepare their spells by writing runes on little stone blocks. Then when they want to use that spell, they just activate the block. No crazy hand gestures, so you get your fireball spells and heavy armor at the same time.

A warblade, on the other hand is one of three classes you can start out as that are found in the Book of Nine Swords. Basically it was created because the regular fighter class wasn't very good... all right it kind of sucked. The warblade class was one of three that remedied this problem by giving the character special abilities instead of just bonus feats. Anyway, there are nine disciplines and based on your class you only have so many open to you, like the Divine Heart discipline was only available to the Crusader class

Nebra Reppalk says:

Sorry, hit submit by accident. Anyway, the Iron Heart discipline is a mastery of steel and being really, really good with your chosen weapon. And in a way, I've followed my grandfather by following the Iron Heart Discipline when possible.

Now this is different than Warriors. I mean, you could say that yes, they're all different names for warriors, however in D&D warrior is an NPC class that, because it's an NPC, is designed to be even worse than the worst PC classes.

That answer your questions?

Dark Dragon says:

....if anything, i was confused worse.
out of curiosity, did anyone else read the title as "mahna" (as in "mahna mahna") by accident?

TheNextTaggerung says:

Feiht and Ayne leading a load of Dwizarfs with large axes??? This means the end of the World that Is!!

... says:

"Had his cousin removed five times. Stubborn guy."


Silverwolf says:

Ah Ayne...she gets more gangrenous as time goes on and more angry to boot. I missed it when she was just elven. Now she just looks...sick. Meanwhile Myrhad is pretty much on the cutting edge of wisdom.

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