Great Expectations
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

Hey, cool! New comic AND a Curse of Monkey Island reference

Sitara says:

So what's Geb's role, then?

Someguy says:

I love the "A Pirate I was Meant to Be" allusion.

Skreyola says:

Hehe... Mascotism. How unfortunate. Too bad Leaf doesn't know Myhrad isn't a luck dragon. ;)

Faticia says:

Today's page is really, really pretty!

Ninja dwizafs... wow! :D

Starbo says:

Is it just me, or does this comic seem a little better drawn? I mean, they're all done very well, but this one seems to have just a little extra in it. Maybe it's from waiting for so long for it. lol.


Mithandir says:

Starbo: Thanks for noticing. We did put more time in this one (especially in the shading) and it was coloured at twice the linear resolution as previous strips (that's why we put in the new zoom function)

Nebra Reppalk says:

Lest we get scurvy, let's all eat an orange.


Well played.

lylia123 says:

i love myhrad stretching in the second panel!

Chariset says:

Haha... with the new zoom you can not only clearly see Feiht juggling tomatoes, you can see the squashed one she dropped.

Speaking of dropped (which we were at the time
While all this is happening, where the $%$'s Rhyme?

Jen says:

Oh dear, Leaf can hardly lift his axe! Good thing it's just for show! And great colour in the first panel.

hkmaly says:

Zoom is great, but it seems the arrow for comments growing stopped working ...

Mithandir says:

There, comment grow button sortof fixed.


Hey i just realised the zoom function doesn't zoom on text bubbles. Now we can see what's behind them! :D Cool ^^

Kuyselle Goldword says:

(I've always wanted to say it like that.)

Kuyselle Goldword says:

*recovers eight hours later*
Oooh, and I love all the stained glass and whatsuch artwork on the walls! Dwizarfs FOOOOREEEVEEEER!!!

Lee says:

Yeah, Myhrad's so cute when he's stretching. Like a cat. A blue and orange cat. With wings. Who can talk. Mind you, if a cat *could* talk it'd probably say the things he does.

Chariset says:

*Go away" "Pet me" "Feed me" "Let me sleep" "NOT THE VET!!!"

Alex says:

I'm pretty sure the post above this is spam.... [Mithandir: Yeah it was. Removed it now, thanks.] Loving thenew layout for the comment box though. And the new Zoom function. It's SO cool :P
[Edited by moderator]

Kuyselle Goldword says:

If cats could talk, they wouldn't... just to annoy us.
Although they might give an order from time to time.

hkmaly says:

It never seems to me cats need to talk to give orders ...

(Mithandir: sort of ? Seems working for me ... thanks.)

Robaato says:

I like the re-jiggered site design. The little graphic nav buttons that used to be at the bottom left never worked right for me...

Relheun says:

Sitara: Geb is obviously the divine patron of the endeavor.

Neko says:

Augh, I don't really like the new site design. And, where the heck is the countdown to your next strip?!?!

stormkite says:

Yeah, I noticed that the "next strip in" counter is no more...
meh. Kinda like a politician who looks at his watch before he starts speakin'... it's all for the show, don't mean a darn thing.... (Difference being that CtS is worth the wait; the politicians, as a rule, aren't.

Chariset says:

Wow... That last post was the War and Peace of incomprehensible spam

hkmaly says:

Stormkite: You mean like politician who looks at his watch and say "Just five minutes ago, we have attacked (name of country)." ?

Sitara says:

I like the bigger expanded comment box :D

Dark Dragon says:

spiffyful magnifier. not sure what happened to my last comment though. you can just feel the sarcasm that's emmanating off of Myhrad.

lylia123 says:

the new site layout is great, but i miss the countdown.

Neko says:

I don't really like the new layout, and I want the countdown back.
Anyways, is that Leaf in the first one? If it is, he looks much more feminine that before...

Ultrainventor says:

feiht looks kind of like a vegitable without the magnifier.

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