Getting Confusing
Chasing the Sunset
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Saeria says:

I'm... slightly confused O_o

Chariset says:

So....the fay was actually trying to break up the rebellion...?

Osk says:

the fey was trying to break tyranny. it wasnt about toppling a king, just making sure that those dwarfs who dont agree stand up for their rights, i gues. very moralistic :)

Osk says:

3rd comment, yay!

Jeremiah says:

Hi Mithrandir,
I don't agree with your statement: "Obviously we're not doing things right."

I really like this webcomic, and I think that this story is one of the best. Maybe not so naive and gentle, but the characters need to evolve, and it really flows with the rest of the story. Leaf need to "grow up" and mature now that the furies are inside him.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Um, so this particular fey decided to teach the dwarves about tyranny?

I guess it makes sense in a way. Although definitely a Xanatos gambit.

IrishDrinker says:

It is interesting. I think it was about chaos. Having the dwarves rebel for the sake of Rebeling, even against their own "master".

IrishDrinker says:

Oh, I Think when he is talking about the I succeeded faster then ever before, was refering to the Amazons. They rebeled agasint men, but then worshipped him. According to our good Historian, they must have rebelled agasint him to. Jus took longer

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

(banging head against keyboard)
I love pixie logic. Love love love love it.

DarkPixie72 says:

is sohac trying to steal the big shiny globe in the third panel? 0_o awesome strip! and i agree, pixie logic RULES!

eekee says:

Whew! I'm kinda glad the fae's not evil. Not sure what he means by "I was a tool" though.

Ashley says:

You left out an option on the poll:
"I am enjoying CtS even more as it progresses!"
The comic started out kinda iffy for me, with the "good" armor being the main factor that kept me coming back long enough to begin to like the comic. Now, however, I'm liking the comic for the story as well.

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Oh, btw, love Panel 6. If this was a movie (hopepraypleadbeg) then that panel would be the coolest special effects since the Nazis' faces melted off their skulls in "Indiana Jones"!

Skreyola says:

Don't give the pixies ideas! hehehehe

TheNextTaggerung says:

he is trying to spread chaos by causing rebellion, even against himself.

-Norbert- says:

Are we sure that fey is no Pixie?
Anyone else remember Feiht being willing to rebell against her own rule?

Dark Dragon says:

is sohac trying to steal the throne, or just the shiny on top of it?

SecondTomothy says:

Whee, yet I are ever so slightly confuzzled.

Shanara says:

Oh, it's not that confusing... that fey just wanted people to rebel, which means "not acept established norms". He did that before with amazons. And same thing with Dwizards. So he's happy they rebel, even against him

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Hmmm... if SOMEONE'S face had to melt off their skull, who should it be...
I vote Queen Whatserface, whose name we have not yet learned.

Bracent says:

I think the fey and pixies are one in the same arent they?? Just ones with longer attention spans and a little height.

Chris in Kalifornia says:

We need one of these cool blue feys here in the U.S.

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