Plan B
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

You've got to love a king whose first thought at a time like this is 'How do I fill out the incident report?'

Woulv says:

lol, "I'm afraid they are momentarily inconvenienced" LOL

SecondTomothy says:

*insert quip from comic here* LOL

InBetween says:

gott to love Geb. Always so hilariusly polite...also, one of the more formidabel plan b i ever seen

KBKarma says:

"charcoal it up". :D

Also, since this is my first comment: you have a great comic here, with a well-made site (I'm a computer scientist, of COURSE I'll notice these things!).

I look forward to patronising (the good kind of patronising) your comic in the future.

MadMann135 says:

There is an old saying that goes "Go with plan B first then use plan A" I think if they brought Geb in at first the king would be more willing to listen.

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

"Momentarily inconvenienced." Hehheheheheheheh...
Gotta love those Dwizarfs. Stubborn as... um... something very stubborn, the lot of them.

Sparrow511 says:

I love this comic!!

Elystriana says:

I wonder where Feiht is going in the last panel...

Osk says:

great shadow on that dwizarf in panel 2.

plan B, with the B for Big

Vulpis says:

You have to admit, the King has stones (pun definitely intended ;-) ). Someone suggested they should have used Geb in the first place...well, if you notice the King isn't intimidated by Geb, he's *annoyed*. ;-)

Sitara says:

That's an excellent Plan B. I think perhaps the king would be more willing to listen now, with the Dwizarfs somewhat organized.

Also, I like the site changes. They're very nice.

Oberon says:

now i wonder who it is that is trapped in the comic coloring factory? And where that factory is :)

Btw love the comic

TheNextTaggerung says:

the helmet on a stick by a heap of unconscious dwarves seems rather like the scene in TTT where Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli are looking for Merry and Pippin in the heap of dead orcs.

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Silly elf-man-and-dwarf! Painful death is for non-essential characters! (Yes, I know Boromir was awesome. He was amazing. If he had been essential to the plot, he wouldn't have died. However, his DEATH was essential to the plot. Thus the painful death.)

Mithandir says:

Kuyselle: True, but as an author I could kill of any character you deem essential to the plot and afterwards you'd say their death was essential :)
Plot is what you make of it.

Skreyola says:

My post isn't showing up? :(

Skreyola says:

Hmm, I'll try again.
The new layout is very, very wide. I can no longer use Opera's squish button to fit the comic to my window width. This makes me sad.
But today's comic is very funny. This makes me happier.

Mithandir says:

Skreyola: Your earlier comment got caught by the spam filters for a reason I'm not sure of myself. I'm sorry the design changes are detrimental for you. The width is now roughly 1200 pixels and geared towards screens of 1280x800 or higher, tho the entire comic should just fit on 1024x768 as well (of course depending on browser layout, toolbars, tabs etc etc)

Islay says:

Anyone ever wonder... do trolls wear pants?

Sparrow511 says:

I love Geb... He's the best plan B that this king must have ever seen
"momentarily inconvenienced"
Well... that's one way to say it

Mogget's Little Sister says:

Wow, thanks for putting a link to Beastling up... I completely forgot about it. Of course, It only updated once in the past year, so I guess I didn't miss much. :)

Whoever writes Beastling it's very good!!!

Neko says:

Woot, Geb is so hysterical. "I'm afraid they're momentarily inconvenienced." Lol, great comic, as usual!

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Islay: That sounds like a question much alike "What do Feegle wear under their kilts?"
In other words: don't ask, because no one wants to know... least of all you.

Skreyola says:

K, thanks for letting me know.

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