Magic Castle
Chasing the Sunset
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Chariset says:

I'm confused. What was the purpose of the business with the big blue fey? She/he/it appeared and took a lot of the momentum out of the fight...and now Ayne looks bored, Jael is nowhere to be seen, and Rhyme is still up in the light fixture.

Mithandir says:

You're entirely right. I suck. I'm sorry. I can only say I'll try to do better.

Lae says:

Don't be silly - Just be confident in what you've done!
As a general rule, if you don't believe in yourself, others will find it hard to! **HUGS**
I love the rainbow around feiht's castle!

Yaten says:

Point maybe was to show the dwarves what Leaf can do?

Pulsy says:

hehehe look at the ruins of the castle in the last panel XD

Oh and i agree this fight is very confusing, the blue dwarf is now hushing the elf who's supposed to be on his side ... that's not your fault mith, it's my lack of understanding politics and negotiation. Oh and i suck at understanding plot-twists. :P

Alex says:

You have 3 fey in the situation...and you're suprised it's confusing? I think some slight tumble of momentum is reflective of exactly how the characters feel. Since they only discovered the fey's motivation when he was leaving, I think everyone's pretty confused at this stage. :P

Nebra Reppalk says:

I think that the dwarf in blue is trying to keep Leaf from saying something that would hinder the argument he's trying to make. I think Leaf is a very honest elf, trusting everyone and has a certain degree of naivety. What Leaf might actually mean to say is, "Well, no, because I don't know how to control the Furies that are possessing my body."

If an elf says they can't control magic, then that's a pretty good argument to just outlaw it altogether, because who knows what can happen? But if the dwizarf is capable of convincing King Nebra that magic is...relatively safe... then there's no sufficient reason to make it illegal.

I could write more on this, but I'm afraid I'll run out of space and I have class in about fifteen minutes so...

Mithandir says:

Nebra gets it exactly right.

Osk says:

and also convincing him that magic can help further things like castle building and will not replace the time honoured traditions, in which we take pride etc etc

sasha..x says:

YAY!! feiht is awesome!! 'I never get distracted! ohhh shiny...'
great work =] by the way i agree nebra..!

-Norbert- says:

But on the other hand, Leaf is just a kid (for elven standards), were the leader of the dwizards seems to be far more .... experianced.

Nebra Reppalk says:

There's a short story, "What Good is a Glass Dagger?" by Larry Niven that takes place in a world where magic is non-renewable. In this world one person has set up a castle that is dependent on magic to hold up its otherwise architecturally unsound design. Thus, when the magic in that are dries up, the castle will collapse. While this may not be true in the CtS universe, the theory could still be applied. While magic can summon a castle out of thin air, if we may extrapolate from this specific example, once the mage's attention is elsewhere the castle will fall apart. So while magic can be utilized for teleportations, scrying, and insanely overpowered fireballs, it's better to use conventional means for things more permanent.

Have I got that right, Mith?

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Eh, I think that even if dwarves became more reliant on magic, the old traditions wouldn't die out. From what I've heard, dwarves in general tend to favor hard work with hands over airy-fairy spells that do the work quickly.
Love Feiht's "towering" castle... I'm sure someone could live in it, if she shrunk them. Which she would not hesitate to do. :)

Retiarius says:

Actually, "What Good is a Glass Dagger?" is but one in a series of short stories set in an Earth where magic is fading. Niven also invited other authors to write for an anthology called _The Magic May Return_. In any case, I doubt if it works that way, simply because Feiht and her kin would burn it up so fast no one would have noticed there was magic in the first place. :P

By the way, when Feiht said, "I never get distracted," the force of that untruth (I donít call it a lie because she canít remember what she said long enough to know sheís told one) reverberated through the multiverse, destroying several worlds, causing cats and dogs to howl and yowl, milk to sour, the sand on beaches to rearrange itself in bizarre and disturbing patterns, and a fork to fall off a table. :P

hkmaly says:

Nebra: While there are methods to hold the spell without mage's attention and even obtain some "stable" source of magic for powering it, it is not easy and therefore is safer to build permanent things in a way they don't fall apart when magic stop working. In case of castle this of course requires knowledge of architecture, which I suppose is a point that dwarf is trying to make.

hkmaly says:

On the other hand, you still can build better castles with magic that without it - for example you can use steel and glass like in modern architecture. Only you probably need a daemon to compute that if you don't have a computer.

Dark Dragon says:

They say I have ADD, but they just don't understa....OMG SHINIES!

I like the steaming remains of Feiht's castle... but why hasn't it faded with her attention? (What's it made out of anyway?)
And where is Sohac?

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Q: What is Feiht's castle made out of?
A: Smek.
Q: What's smek?
A: Smek is smek.
Q: Are you going to give me a decent answer?
A: No.

Lylia says:

Dark Dragon: I think maybe Feiht used real stone (or other building material) to make her castle and that's why it only collapsed, instead of disappearing. And I don't really understand what everyone else is saying either. You're not the only one.

Pulsy says:


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