Clean getaway ... so far
Chasing the Sunset
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-Norbert- says:

Oh, poor Leaf got his first "wanted" poster. Probably for escaping from prison.
I wonder if there is one for Myhrad and Feiht too....

Odo says:

"As useless as a hammer." I like it.

Chariset says:

Looks like Geb is making his exit too. I hope they didn't leave Rhyme in the light fixture.

Someguy says:

4th comment. Woo.
I'm sure she'll find some way down. Bards are cool like that.

Nebra Reppalk says:

The only reason I don't keep up with current events is because whenever I watch the news it's only about murders that happened in my local town, and what such-and-such a celebrity is doing. The news doesn't cover anything important anymore, or is just too depressing for me to handle.

Elystriana says:

Yipee! Welcome to the craziness, Jael. Is Rhye still up in the...whatever-it-was?

Elystriana says:

Oops, I meant Rhyme, not Rhye. x_x

tensko1234 says:

I can just imagine, "yes dad i even have my own wanted poster" How close if leaf to the area his dad is in anyway?

Retiarius says:

Heh. That reminds me of an old, old MTV Liquid TV bit: ďHello, Dad! Iím in jail! Hello, Dad! Iím in jail! I like it here! Iím staying!Ē Bizarre, as one would expect.

Chariset says:

It's probably significant that it's Leaf and not Ayne on the poster.

Mkananoja says:

meh, that didn't took long to make wantet poster for leaf

DarkPixie72 says:

Whats the wanted poster saying...?

DarkPixie72 says:

oh right. wanted. sorry people, blonde moment there..>

-Norbert- says:

Leaf is probably wanted for escaping prison I guess.
And since the only dwarfs that saw Ayne there were either knocked out by a kick to the head or part of the rebellion, I guess the officials don't know about her involvement.

But surely she'll be wanted soon enough for holding a sword to the kings throat.

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Well, those knocked-out dwarves have got to wake up eventually... and then they'll come after her.

Someguy says:

More than likely they wouldn't know the difference anyways - I'm sure all elves look alike to dwarves.
"Well, she was tall, had pointed ears, no facial hair... can you work with that?"

firelander says:

Maybe it isn't leaf but his father?

Irregular Waltz says:

oooh, now thats a concept. way to think outside the box!

Evil Overlord Kuyselle Goldword says:

Well, what would Leaf's father be wanted for? I guess it would take quite a while to make that WANTED poster, but I haven't been very aware of time. We don't really know how long they were at Dwizarf headquarters... it might have been a pretty long time.

Nebra Reppalk says:

Well, Leaf could be wanted know, ESCAPING DETAINMENT!

Actually, a PC in my D&D campaign ended up in a similar situation. Basically, he tried to bluff the guard and steal the guard's wallet, resulting in about twenty guards jumping on him and dragging him off for questioning. Naturally that night, he decided to escape, resulting in him brutally beating the guard on duty and stealing whatever he could find in the guardhouse. Naturally, the city watch was not exactly happy with him.

Kuyselle Goldword says:


Nebra Reppalk says:

Oh...sorry about the poor word choice. I usually don't read back what I type unless it's a paper or something.

Someguy says:

And people wonder why no one wants to be a prison guard.

TheNextTaggerung says:

Jael is funneh!

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