Chapter 16: Malvenicus
Chasing the Sunset
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hkmaly says:

Does this mean they will be underground whole another chapter ?

Retiarius says:

“Perhaps so!” >:)

kickme says:

Sneaky person around the corner!

Baldric says:

Very nice motif on the wall and good light effect, as usual.

The guy around the corner (I guess Malvenicus is is name) inspires me with a great deal of trust.

Baldric says:

I really like the underground architecture, so I hope the characters will spend more time below the surface !

Chariset says:

The shadow is shaped like an hourglass!

Someguy says:

Ditto on the excellent light shading. Very cool.
This can only mean that he's gonna become some kinda bad@ss mage/wizard/sorcerer/warlock/spell-chucker!

BurnedMuffins says:

oooh ... pretty colors

Alter-Ego says:

Isn't Malvenicus what Feiht called Leaf when she gave him the seeming of a mage?

Dark Dragon says:

wow, the detail in this is INCREDIBLE!!! I like the mouse in Leaf's pocket. ^_^ The expression on corner-guy is really well done, too. Not so much evil looking, but more sad, like he's about to betray Leaf or something.

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